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Hawaiian Luau Decor

In Hawaiian language, the word 'Luau' means "feast of Hawaiian food". Luaus are generally large parties, where big groups of families and friends gather together, share food and have fun, together. Traditionally, the feast was celebrated over several days and included lots of food. The Hawaiian culture and cuisine is now celebrated at restaurants and hotels A Hawaiian Luau can be a whole lot of fun, if you know the right way to do it. Decorating a Hawaiian Luau is one of the most interesting parts of the whole feast, as there are so many accessories to choose from. The best part is that adorning a Luau venue is not at all expensive; it includes minimal expenses. Read on further to find some great tips on the Hawaiian Luau party decorations.
How To Decorate A Hawaiian Luau 
  • A tropical theme for the feast can go down really well. Look for some inexpensive tiki torches from a store which sells home or garden products.
  • You can also pick various decorative items, like carved candles, green steamers, coconuts, etc. that gel well with the theme of the feast.
  • For such a theme, make sure that you have flower garlands handy, which should be made of silk. They comprise of a must have item and are very easily available at the stores that sell party stuff.
  • Using flowers for decorating the Luau can be a great idea. Flowers not only look beautiful, but also spread fragrance. Choose various colorful flowers to add vibrancy to the whole theme. The more flowers there are, the more decorative the whole environment will be.
  • Use green butcher paper to cover the table and fray the edges to give the look of a grass skirt. Paste a few travel posters on the walls and hang homemade tissue flower garlands. Play some Hawaiian music or the Beach Boys in the background, to set the perfect Hawaiian mood.
  • If you plan to go in for a natural look, you can use decorations such as bamboo placemats near the flower arrangements, sea shells scattered around the tables, coconuts, pineapples, a real parrot, palm trees and palm leaves. Use flowers like orchids, hibiscus and bird of paradise.
  • For a campy beach kind of a look, use Hawaiian icons like plastic hula dancers, surf boards, plastic garlands, plastic picks, fun party lights, colorful tropical tablemats, napkins, party goods in paper or vinyl materials and confetti designed in tropical theme. 
Some Tips
  • Set up colorful Hawaiian Aloha shirts and straw hats as a dress code for your guests. Welcome your guests with a kiss and silk or real flower lei.
  • The perfect classical tropical cocktails for a Hawaiian Luau would be Mai Tais, Daiquiris and Pina Coladas. For a non-alcoholic version, go for iced tea or punch pitchers and present them in a large bowl, served with fresh fruit. Serve the drinks in a coconut shell and do not forget the cocktail umbrellas.
  • Poi, chicken long rice and Lomi salmon make excellent choices for a Hawaiian cuisine.
  • Arrange for a professional face painter and have the guests’ or the children’s face painted.
  • Arrange games and activities for a successful and memorable event. Hire a local hula dance instructor to give some brief lessons to the guests.

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