Are you interested in becoming a boxer? If yes, then the beginner boxing tips and advice given will surely be of help to you.

Boxing Tips For Beginners

A couple of centuries ago, boxing was considered to an emerging art, with British men going in for this sport. There were boxing clubs all around and being in the ring was considered to be the height of fashion. From the great Mendoza, to “Gentleman” Jackson, right down to Muhammad Ali, boxers have left their mark in the world (and in the boxing ring) in indelible footprints. Many would like to get into this sport, some just for fun and others, to prove their manliness to the world. There are many women too, who have started entering the boxing rings. Irrespective of your gender, if you have decided that boxing is for you, you will need to equip yourself with the needed skills to ensure that you don’t get permanently thrown out of the ring. Read on to explore some boxing tips for beginners and start on the path to becoming a star.
Beginner Boxing Tips
  • The most important tip for a beginner is get to know the opponent. There are different ways in which different opponents will react. The smart ones will look to counter and the aggressive ones will try and strike first. Therefore, it is very important for you to read your opponent thoroughly.
  • Beginners tend to get excited and start throwing punch combos, with their feet hopping all over the place. Not having your feet firmly planted on the ground will reduce the effectiveness of your attack and you might even lose your balance, getting yourself knocked out instead. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and move slowly.
  • Step straight in, with an authoritative jab and quickly change your head level. Duck down to hit your opponent with a hard right hand to the stomach. Hitting right on the top of the stomach hurts a lot. Most of the good fighters don’t think of the option of body attack, which can prove out to be quite helpful.
  • Be patient and wait for your best chance. Many beginners don’t even last two minutes in the ring, when they bounce around like rabbits and throw endless punches. If your opponent wants to tire himself out, let him do so. Don’t get intimidated. Wait for your opponent to lose energy and then strike with full force.
  • Maintain eye contact with your opponent as far as possible. Do not look away from him during the fight, as this will instill more confidence in him. It is very important to keep your opponent in full view all the time, as this helps you a lot in defending yourself. The same principle should be applied when you are on the offensive. Do not close your eyes and swing your hand randomly. Rather, look at your opponent and choose the right point for the attack.
  • Stay calm and breathe properly, while inside the ring. One of the best practice drills for every beginner would be to move around the ring, breathing in a steady rhythm, while being punched by a small kid. This drill will help you in controlling your energy and staying calm inside the ring.
  • Do not throw 10-15 punch combos at your opponent. Stay firm and throw strong and cautious punches at your opponent. Every punch need not be a knockout. A combo of 3-5 punches at a time, at the right spot, will be enough to win.
  • Don't be honorable enough and wait for your opponent to finish, hitting you before you launch a counter attack. If he tries to tee off on you, break his combos as soon as possible.

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