Drinking wine is an experience that is more enhanced when you know what and how you are drinking. Explore the article below for wine drinking tips for beginners.

Beginner Wine Drinking

Wine is an acquired taste and so for beginners the taste can be quite overwhelming. However, once you have got a taste for this stuff, there is no looking back. However, to enjoy wine you must learn all the subtleties involved in it. Otherwise, you will prove to be an embarrassment among other experienced wine drinking people. Like the Japanese tea culture, the process of drinking wine is also an art. And like a true lover of art you should also identify and appreciate its fine nuances. Right from the selection of the right glasses for the appropriate wine to the temperature at which it is served to how you relish the drink, will show your love for the drink. For beginners, learning all of the wine drinking etiquettes can be quite a task, but once you learn all the nitty-gritty involved then you can also hold your own against all the connoisseurs of the drink. However, in all these norms and formalities, don’t forget the basic truth of drinking wine. That is you must enjoy it. So, when you are starting on this road then first of all cultivate the taste; the rest will soon follow. When you come to love your wine then only you will develop the instinct of how and which wine to serve to your friends. To know more go through the article below on wine drinking tips for beginners.
Wine Drinking Tips For Beginners 

Wine Accessories

  • Wine charms – Used in large gatherings and parties. These are little attachments that are fixed on different wine glasses to determine which glass belongs to which person.
  • Wine glass bracelets – These are quite similar to wine charms but they are more sophisticated and decorative as they can be wrapped around the stems of the wine glass.
  • Glass caddy – These are used to store wine glasses during travelling or moving out.
  • Glass rack – These are used to store and present the wine bottles.
  • Wine bottle openers – These are used to open wine bottles that are corked.
  • Wine coolers – Keep the wine chilled at the right serving temperature.
  • Wine decanters – These are glass serving vessels into which the entire bottle of wine is poured so as to remove the sediment, facilitate pouring and also to aerate the wine. 
Serving The Wine 
  • While serving the wine the temperature at which it is served is of utmost importance.
  • Different types of wine must be served in different temperatures to preserve the aroma and flavor.
  • Before serving, the wine must be kept in a refrigerator for at least 35 minutes to chill. 
How To Decant Wine 
  • It is better to decant wines, which have a lot of sediment. Old wines must also be decanted as sometimes they have particulate matter.
  • To decant the wine, you must first shake the bottle to rake up the sediment.
  • Then keep the bottle undisturbed until the sediment settles to the bottom.
  • The time that you must keep the bottle at rest depends on the type of sediment, but it should be at least two weeks or longer.
  • After the sediment has settled, it is time to pour it into a decanter.
  • Keep the bottle straight without tilting and then remove the cork. Wipe the rim with a cloth and hold the bottle at the eye level. Bring the decanter to the neck of the bottle and then tilt the bottle slowly, pour the wine continuously, at one go. Stop pouring when the sediment reaches to the neck of the bottle. 
How To Drink Wine 
  • First, remove the cork and smell it to detect any unpleasant aromas. In this way, you can find out if the wine is damaged or not.
  • Decant the wine if there is any sediment.
  • Pour the wine into a wine glass and let it stand for a moment. This allows the wine to breathe, so that the flavors come through.
  • Bring the glass to your nose and deeply inhale the aroma. The aroma of the wine also determines the taste.
  • Now, have a sip and roll it with your tongue to detect the different flavors. Then slowly drink, experiencing the different taste.
  • While drinking wine always use a stemmed glass to prevent the wine from getting warm by the hand.

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