Trout is intelligent and sensitive specie of fish that comes in different varieties. Read on to learn some trout fishing tips and technique that can help you to fish a trout.

Trout Fishing Tips

Trout fishing has been one of the most famous fishing sports of all times. Belonging to the Salmonidae family, trouts can be found in different sizes and colors, depending upon the habitat that they are living in. Trouts can be found in salt water and fresh water, streams and rivers. There are certain tricks and tactics which one needs to master and follow before going in to catch a trout fish. This intelligent specie of fish has extremely sensitive sense of smell and therefore, you need to be completely prepared before going in for fishing a trout. This article provides you with certain tips and techniques to fish a trout. Read on further and enjoy a successful trout fishing session.
Tips & Technique To Fish A Trout
  • It is better for you to learn and get a bit of knowledge about trout fish before going in for fishing. Each trout species have unique characteristics which you would like to learn about.
  • The size of your gait and the fishing gear matters when you go in for fishing a trout. It is better to have an ultra light or a light gear and bait while fishing a trout, unless you are fishing in great lakes where a heavier gear will be required.
  • When you are wading in a river or a stream in an attempt to catch a fish, the color of your clothes also matters. Bright and plain white colors stand out making you easily noticeable. The best bet would be to go for drab colors. These colors camouflage with the surroundings, giving you an advantage to catch the fish.
  • All kinds of trout have a very sensitive sense of smell and can detect unnatural odors very easily. If you have smoked a cigarette before arranging your gear and hooking the bait, the smell of your hand is likely to get transferred to the bait. Trout generally smells the bait before biting it. So, if the bait smells like an ashtray, it will not bite it. It is better to rub weeds or dirt in your hands periodically to get rid of any unnatural odor from your hands.
  • You should also do a bit of research on the feeding habits and behavioral differences between the fast and slow water trouts before you proceed towards fishing a trout.
  • When you are planning to catch a trout, keep in mind that it is an intelligent species of fish. Make sure that you present the bait in the most natural way possible, especially the live bait.
  • The time of the day which you choose to go in for fishing also matters, as trout fishes change their habits, during the different times of the day.
  • You should identify the best location for trout fishing. Once the place has been decided, drop the line into the water using the stop-drop-stop-drop method.
  • Your rod tip should be towards the fly and then follow it down the water to catch a trout.
  • Once the fish is hit, you should strengthen your grip on the rod handle and raise the rod sharply to set the hook.
  • Palm the reel to get the fish down and once under control, reel in the line quickly to prevent the fish from escaping.
  • If the fish moves in your direction you should raise the rod above your head and bring the line back to the second and third fingers of your hand in which you are holding the rod. Then, separate the line as soon as possible to pull up the slack.
  • In case the fish is moving away from you, keep the rod high and allow the line to slide through your fingers and palm the reel once the slack is over.

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