Making food for a wedding reception needs appropriate planning and execution. Go through the article, to get ideas on how to make food for a wedding reception party.

How To Make Food For A Wedding Reception

Food is an inevitable part of any celebration and when the occasion is as grand as wedding, it becomes all the more important. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind, when we talk about D-Day, is excellent food. If you want to guarantee the satisfaction of all the guests, you need to make sure that the feast is great. In case you are thinking of making food for wedding reception party on your own, then proper selection as well as execution becomes extremely important. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas on how to make food for a wedding reception party, without getting worn out.
Ideas For Making Wedding Reception Meal
Quantity of Food
The first step would be to anticipate the number of people, who would be turning up for the celebration. This would give you an idea of the quantity of food that would be required. Always make sure you the quantity of food is a bit extra than what is required. This would prevent shortage of any kind.
Type of Food
Estimating the number of guests would also give you an idea on the kind of food you can prepare. In case the guests are too many, it would be advisable not to go for too elaborate or complicated items. If it’s a larger gathering, the best deal would be to a buffet or an array of finger foods. Sit-down dinners would not only prove to be a costly affair, but also be too taxing. However, if it’s a small gathering, you can arrange a sit-down dinner. Make sure that you have a couple of helping hands, who would help you serve the guests.
Themed Food
Themed food is gaining popularity as far as wedding reception feasts are concerned. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Polish, Greek and German are some of the widely chosen delights. Another popular theme is to have an international feast, which would feature a dish or two from every popular nationality.
Some Tips 
  • After deciding on the quantity as well as the type of food, calculate how much people would be required to make everything on time. You can enlist the help of people you are sure would not mind helping out.
  • If you are preparing the food on your own, it is important to select items that gel with each other. Adhering to a theme would help you come out of embarrassment of a table full of mismatched dishes.
  • Once you have decided the kind of food you want, break them into lists. This would help you avoid fuss i.e. segregate the dishes into buy ahead, do ahead and last day preparations, so that everything gets done on time and as easily as possible.
  • A week before the D- Day, make sure that you have everything required for the table as well i.e. the cutlery, table runners, etc.

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