There are some great gifts for new dads, which can help them prepare for the job of parenting. Read more to find baby shower gifts for dad.

Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

New dads are just as much excited about being a father as the new mom. As traditional gender roles have become more flexible, today dads are getting more involved in taking care of their little ones. This means that they are actively changing diapers in the middle of the night, bathing the baby and even swaddling the little one. Traditionally, baby shower have focused on expectant mother and excluded dad-to-be from the picture. Nevertheless, dads too have right to celebrate the birth of their little one and at least deserve a party with the guys. However, times are changing now and baby showers for both the parents are becoming popular. Since the baby shower centers around giving gifts, it’s important to choose gifts, which will help in taking caring of the baby or strengthening the bond between baby and parents. There are some great gifts for new dads, which can help them prepare for the job of parenting. Or you can opt for gag gifts like ‘Daddy's Diaper Duty Device’ and add humor! There are varieties of gifts to choose from, for daddies. Here are a few ideas to help you in choosing a perfect gift for daddy-to-be.
Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts For Father 
  • Purchase for dad –to- be a diaper bag in black or any other plain color. Choose a diaper bag, which reflects his style and he is not embarrassed to take out, when he goes out with baby for the day. Collect gag gifts like goggles, rubber gloves, tongs, and a clothespin to hold his nose. Keep these items in a sack and paste or stencil the words 'Diaper Tool Kit' on the front. Then, tuck the sack into the new diaper bag. While choosing diaper bags, you can look for messenger- style bags or backpacks, both with a lot of pockets. Stock the pockets with gag gifts.
  • Most of the dads have their favorite sport teams. It’s a great idea to gift dad and the baby matching T-shirts or jerseys, which they can both wear and cheer their team together. You can also gift dad blankets, baby crib sheets, and other linens with his favorite team logo on it or his favorite player’s photo on it. If dad isn’t a sports fan then, give matching clothing for his other passions and hobbies like, movies, music bands, etc.
  • Give dad a photo album or scrapbook to add pictures of special moments spent with his baby. It will be a great idea to engrave the album with a sweet quotation about fatherhood. This will be a unique gift for a dad. 
  • Let dad bond with baby and run around doing his work too with a baby carrier. Both front and back baby carrier styles are available. Choose the one, which you like and opt for colors like blue, black, or neutrals, which go along with dad’s personality.
  • Dad-to be must be excited about the relationship, which he will form with his little one. Catch his excitement by giving him a personalized garment for his newborn. For example, gift him a bib, which reads ‘Daddy’s Little Buddy’. This little gift will acknowledge how important a little one will be in his life. You can also opt for knitting or sewing to create a personalized gift yourself.
  • Books on parenting can be a great gift for dad-to-be. Dad-to-be, particularly first timers, have a lot of questions about babies like what to expect, when baby arrives or how to take care of the little one? Having a baby brings with it much of excitement but along with it can also bring stressful and unpredictable time. So, it’s important for a dad to be prepared about parenting. A little advice could be just what a dad needs.
  • Little ones love music and so do most of the dads. An album of lullabies like "Daddies Sing Goodnight" can be great choice for dad-to-be. It will surely help the dad in making little one fall asleep.

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