Are you tired of just blowing air out of your mouth and want to know how to whistle? Read more to find easy ways and whistling technique to learn the fun filled activity.

How To Whistle

 Are you tired of just blowing air out of your mouth every time you attempt to whistle? Do you want to whistle, but wish you had more range and control or volume? Are you jealous of other guys who easily whistle and grab instant attention when a ‘hot’ girl moves past them? Here, it is your etiquettes that stop you, rather it’s your inability to whistle that prevent you from accompanying your friends in this fun activity. For all those who think that whistling can be used for the wrong activities only, it is time for some reality check. Whistling can be very helpful in many instances, such as assisting you to stop a cab. As to the procedure of whistling, it can be done with or without the use of fingers. However, most of the people, who know how to whistle, have the inability to explain the whistling technique. This is where we come to your rescue. Check out the following lines and explore easy whistling techniques, to stun the people around you. 

How To Whistle With Your Tongue 
  • Open your mouth in an ‘O’ shape and keep it a little open to allow the air to pass through.
  • Let your tip of you tongue touch your bottom teeth or gums.
  • Gently blow air out of your mouth.
  • Adjust the shape of your tongue in a position that the lips form an ‘O’ shape and expel air till the time music comes out of your mouth.
  • Once you hear even the faintest of music, play around with your tongue, positioning and strengthening your breath.
  • Practice it when you are alone, as it is the only thing that can make you the master of whistling. 
How To Whistle With Your Fingers 
  • Make an ‘O’ shape using your thumb and index finger. Keep a small gap between the two fingers. The gap should be 1/8th of an inch.
  • Then put the two fingers in your mouth, closing the lips to allow enough air pass through the gap. Stretch your lips tightly.
  • Let your tip of the tongue touch the bottom jaw or the bottom teeth.
  • Expel air out of your mouth so that it flows through the mouth and the small opening in between your fingers, until you hear a note.
  • Gush out more air once you hear a faint note of music. 
  • Avoid blowing too hard initially. Whistle with a small amount of air.
  • Do not practice too much, else you can run out of breath or even faint.
  • Wet your lips first, to produce a strong, pure note.
  • Start practicing five minutes a day, while looking into the mirror and you’ll get it in a few weeks.
  • Instead of using your thumb and index fingers, try whistling with thumb and middle finger, left and right index fingers, left and right middle fingers, and left and right little fingers.
  • Initially, you’ll get a breathy, low-volume tone, but as you adjust your fingers, mouth and jaw, the whistle will turn to a clear, full, high-volume tone.
  • Never try to face the computer screen or your friends while whistling, as you may end up spitting all over.

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