Learning roller skating requires you to be aware of certain important techniques, lest you want to face a fall. Go through this article, to know how to roller skate.

How To Roller Skate

Do you want to feel as if you are flying in the air? If yes, then roller skating is the answer! A pair of good skates and the right mood is all it takes for you to talk with the wind and even challenge it!! Roller skating is one of the most loved activities of children. An economical way to help your child get rid of the boring telly tale and the house-binding books, skating takes a child's mind off the regular schedule and revitalizes his spirit. While for children, it is just another fun activity, adults can also indulge in roller skating, to burn some calories and improve their balancing skills. The activity serves as a great workout and by incorporating it even for half an hour in the daily regimen; one can start living a healthy lifestyle.  In case you want to know how to roller skate, the techniques given below would surely prove to be of help.
Roller Skating Technique 
  • The position of the feet is one of the most important considerations to make, at the time of roller skating. The feet should be in the' V' position i.e. the heels should be together and the toes far apart.
  • As for your body, it should be in an upright position. Bending the back or curved legs are a strict no-no, as they might make you fall on the ground. Also, make sure that you look straight ahead, while skating.
  • At the time of commencing skating, bend your knees slightly and spread out the arms, like airplane wings. This posture would help you achieve the right balance required for roller skating.
  • Since you are a novice skater, do not plunge for the big thing. Start by taking small baby steps. Walk like soldiers in a march past. However, make sure that every time you place your feet back, they are in the position of the letter 'V'.
  • Once you get hold of the skates and are able to take the small steps easily, without any external help, it is time to try sliding. Slide by pushing your skate out to the side, not to the back, as in walking.
  • If your feet are properly placed, you would roll/slide automatically.
  • Once you have mastered forward skating, try it backwards. Backwards skating is very similar to forward, except that in this type, you keep your toes together and heels apart, in an inverse 'V' position.
Note: Since roller skating activity is primarily based on the balancing act, it is very important for you to wear elbow and knee pads. They would protect you from bruises and scratches.
Advantages Of Roller Skating 
  • One of the most popular advantages of roller skating is that it is extremely easy. Most of the children learn to skate within a day or two.
  • Roller skating does not cost a fortune, like many other activities. You just need to invest in a pair of good roller skates - that’s it!!
  • Another favorable feature is that it is a solo activity and requires no playmates or friends. All you need is a pair of good roller skates and the right mood.
  • Roller skating is a good exercising medium as well. It strengthens the legs and keeps you fit.
  • Since the activity is based on balancing, riding cycle and motorbike, rollerblading and skateboarding would be a cakewalk for you, in the future.

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