Wine is an excellent drink for any occasion. But a bad wine can mar the whole occasion. Find out tips on how to tell if the wine has gone bad.

How To Know If the Wine Has Gone Bad

Wine is the most popular drink one resorts to for any occasion and, even without an occasion. However, before gulping it down, one must be sure that the wine is in proper state. A wine that has gone bad is not only indicative of awful taste, but is also harmful for health. The chemical changes that occur in a bad wine make it harmful for us to consume it. Bad wines have a different smell and tastes weird. The color also changes. In case you are wondering how to tell when wine has gone bad, make use of the tips provided below.
How to Know if the Wine Has Gone Bad
  • A bottle of wine is hard to finish at a single go. Many-a-times, you may forget to cork the bottle properly and as a result the wine may get oxidized. If not stored properly, they would start giving out a foul smell just like vinegar the next time you open. The smell can be easily recognized once you uncork the bottle.
  • Smell the wine prior to intake to check if it has got a sulfur odor. It would give a tainted smell, that of rotten eggs or matchsticks. The wine can have the sulfur odor if it is not properly stored or it might have got during the bottling process, if too much of sulfur dioxide was added.
  • If stored in a warm place, like in an attic or near the stove, the wine would not be fit to drink. Cooked wine, as it is known as, has a reddish brownish tinge on the rim when poured into a glass. Cooked wine gives out a caramel smell and has its cork slightly upwards.
  • The cork used for wine bottle sometimes gets wet. If the cork gets wet, it usually decomposes and when such a cork is placed into the bottle, the wine usually develops a corky smell or something which is like that of a cardboard.

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