Magnets can be used in very creative ways to make interesting toys for children. Read the article to know how to make magnet toys for children in different ways.

How To Make Magnet Toys

Magnets can be used in innovative ways to make toys for young guns. In fact, teaching a child how to make magnet toys can be a very creative exercise in itself. Magnet toys can be real fun for toddlers and also for children, of a higher age. Children, irrespective of their age are fascinated by magnets and its properties. With the help of a little bit of creativity, many fun magnet toys can be made. The article comes up with some very inventive ways to make magnet toys. Read on to know how to use magnet to play with your child.
Making Magnetic Toys
Race Car Toy
You will need a small metal object to make a race car. You can take a large bolt and a tiny box. Color the box in the way that it gives the appearance of a race car. Now, position it over the bolt and tape it with the bolt. To make the racetrack for your car, use an old game board or a box top. Paint the board in green color and paint a race track on it. On each of the ends tack a strip of wood, so that it is raised to a few inches, and then place a magnetic wand under it. Magnet wands are easily available at sewing supply boards. Your car is now ready to be driven on the track. Using the same technique, a ship floating on the high seas can also be made.
Fishing Toys
Take a dowel rod and tie a string on to it. Tie a magnet wand on the other end of the string. A dishpan can be used for making a pond. Spread packing peanuts on the pan. A few iron or steel objects like bolts, nuts, fingernail clippers, etc should be mixed in the packing peanuts. Now, hold the fishing rod and lower the magnet into the pond. In this way try to fish objects from the pond. For adding more excitement to play, you can also tape a picture of fish to the nuts and bolts. It can be a real fun game for small children as they can go play-fishing without an actual pond.
Reading Game
A toddler’s reading game can be easily made using a business card sized magnet. Cover the top of the magnet and print a three letter word on it. Cut into three pieces and make letter tiles out of it. Prepare a set of letters following the same pattern. Now, the child can go on experimenting with as many words as possible. These letter tiles are suitable for toddlers and even for a higher age group. One can try to be more innovative by painting vowels with a different color.
Portable Games
You will need some glue on magnets and a cookie sheet for making portable magnet games. Glue on magnet is easily available as it is also used for making homemade refrigerator magnets. The ones that come in round shape are stronger magnets, while rolls of magnetic tape are also available which can be cut by scissors. One has to ensure that the magnets stick to the cookie sheet. If they fail to stick, use a different cookie sheet.

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