Kids are the most excited lot, when it comes to the holiday season, as they are all set to get loads of gifts. Listed are the most popular Christmas toys to help you pick the perfect gift.

Hot Christmas Toys

The holiday season is almost here and it's time to go shopping. Well, while shopper-holics may be in love with the season, for those who are not crazy about shopping, the holiday season can get really hectic, more so if everything lay unplanned. Unlike any other time, during Christmas, there are always loads of people just like you wandering in shopping havens and picking up stuff that you want, leaving the shelves empty by the time you even reach the place. All the best offers are always stocked out and you always seem to miss by minutes. This season, make a difference and plan everything right in advance.
Studies show that a lot of people nowadays intend to spend less and save more. Well, we can cut down on everything else, but one segment wherein we just cannot cut down is children’s toys. Children spend the whole year waiting for the holiday season and especially Christmas to find their favorite toys under the tree. Many a times, children do let us know what they want. Instead, they just keep mum and expect Santa to bring them their favorite toys. The nice thing about kids is that their wishes are largely (though not always) based on popular toys. So, to save you from the inundated task of going through an endless list of popular toys, we present to you the best ten toys of the year. Happy shopping!
Popular Christmas Toys For 2010
Here we go…starting from the bottom we have
Number 10 - Nintendo Wii
Come on guys have you ever seen a more realistic console than Wii! The 3D controller called the Wii Remote is more than enough a reason for a purchase. Tennis, golf and a host of other games just feel so good on this machine. Any game title you choose to play on, Wii just fulfills all that you desired or wished for.
Number 9 - Tyco R/C Air Blade Hovercraft 27MHZ
Well, when major news stations predicted that yesteryears classic toys are all set to return we must have taken notice! This is the latest creation from Tyco R/C, the creators of the original Air Blade. But this time it just gets better; with three air cushions, fully amphibious body and an extended battery life. Watch out enemy targets, here we come!
Number 8 - Green Toys
Saving the world is now kid-stuff! Well, with a host of companies now launching toys made from recycled plastics and natural materials, which are not just good for children’s health, but environment friendly too, it is only wise that you go the green way. This is a great way of teaching kids important lessons about environmental problems and making them eco friendly.
Number 7- LEGO Star Wars Jedi Starfighter and Vulture Droid
Though all of LEGO’s play sets are super cool and addictive to almost all kids, this one packs a special punch. Highly engrossing as Luke Skywalker fights off the evil Vulture droid in this space age LEGO saga. Enjoy creating new and new technologies with this ultimate star wars merchandise. These have been launching off the shelves since appearing in the toy-store universe. Go grab a set for your little one. May the force be with you!
Number 6- Optimus Prime Transformers Leader Action Figures
Well, the classic cool dudes from transformers just became the hottest action figures on the store shelves. With the new Advanced AUTOMORPH Technology, the transformers lineup has enhanced vehicle-to-robot conversion with partially animated mechanical triggers that activate the final shift to battle mode. The advanced shield mechanics and launch features also add to authenticity. Ideal for the classic fans as well as the new age wannabes!
Number 5 - Backyard Safari Bug Habitat
Strictly for those who love to see whole colonies of bugs living in their backyard and tend to them! Though some of the adults may find it really a tough nut to crack, children seems to have loved it, especially the boys (what’s it with girls and insects, ha?). It comes complete with an insect identifier chart, accessible water cap, entryway cap, a pair of tweezers, and a movable magnifier. Get set to parent some budding entomologists! Those who can’t stand the creepies and crawlies, stay away!
Number 4 - Polaris Sportsman X2
Mix a couple of youngsters, an outdoor location, loads of obstacles and an extreme rover. Well that’s the Polaris Sportsman X2 adventure. The best improvement over the last iteration is the fact that two people can ride simultaneously on this new machine. It also features improved steering, greater battery life, and real gearshift. Wish you were a kid again? Though the vehicle can go up to 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse, the X2 also has automatic brakes. So, sit back relax and watch the youngsters live extreme.
Number 3 - Fast Talkin' Lightning McQueen
Remember the movie ‘Cars’! Taking this into mind Disney/Pixar licensed out the Lightning McQeen character to be made into this uber-cool voice controlled car, the Fast Talkin' Lightning McQueen. The large scale car has animated eyes and a vinyl-animated mouth and can be voice controlled by kids to perform up to 15 outrageous stunts and tricks and say over 30 fun phrases with the actual vice of the actor from the film, Owen Wilson. The car even shares a sense of humor, as with every crash, he makes fun of himself.
Number 2 - Pleo Dinosaur - A Ugobe Life Form!
Don’t break his heart by telling him that you haven’t heard of him. Originally intended to hit the markets in 2007, Pleo got delayed by the abrupt bankruptcy of Ugobe. Anyways he is back and thankfully so! This is an absolute marvel of technology. Using a dense net of sensors and complex Artificial Intelligence, Pleo is your average one-week-old dinosaur which will quickly grow to become one of the most fun and exciting members of your family. Though this might be not easy to believe, kids just love having him around. This amazing robotic marvel not only moves organically and explores its environment on its own, but also interacts with you and expresses emotions based on its life experiences.

And finally

Number 1- Tough Digital Camera for Kids
One of the fastest selling gadgets this season, these cameras are as sturdy as possible to be handled by kids in all conditions. Fisher Price kid is the manufacturer of this neat little gadget, which gives children a chance to actually take shots they like and improve their sense and knowledge about art and photography. If you wish to improve your junior’s creative quotient, this is for you! Let him/her go clicking the world!

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