If you are a serious earth lover and you want to let others take a similar path, try some organic homemade gifts this holiday season.

Organic Homemade Gifts

“The greatest gift is to give people your enlightenment, to share it. It has to be the greatest.”- Buddha. It is the holiday season and you will have to welcome quite a number of guests to your home and you might also have plans to visit homes of your family and friends. You cannot ignore the value of a gift in any of the occasions. In a world where all are going gaga over green and eco friendly products, let your gifts also fit the bill. Homemade gifts are unique and special in every sense; moreover it is the personal touch that makes it more than a gift. They are usually like the treasures of family heirlooms that anyone would love to exhibit. Well, this year plan to give your near and dear ones gifts that are organic as well as homemade. So why not try a hand at some of those homemade gifts that are both extraordinary as well as more personal. Find some interesting homemade gifts that are organic here.
Eco Friendly Homemade Gifts 

Herbal Sugars
You can add more health and sweetness to white sugar by infusing it with herbs which can make an excellent ingredient for cakes, tea, biscuits and cookies. For that you need to crush two tablespoons of fresh herbs, like mint, lavender, or lemon balm and add it to two cups of sugar. Keep it in a closed container, preferably a ceramic one. Stir every day so that essence of the herbs is distributed well. You can remove the herbs after a week.
Seed Sachets 
If you want to gift someone who loves nature and is serious about gardening, try something like a seed sachet as the gift. If the seeds are not in store collect it from some gardeners or plant nurseries. You can make your gift theme based by providing a bag of compost, a seed-starting tray, and some organic fertilizer.
Dried Flowers Potpourri 
You can present those lovely fragrant flowers handpicked from your garden that are dried well. You can either present it wrapped in a beautiful piece of cloth or you can present it as a potpourri, dried flowers in a jar or dish. You can even add some essential oil to induce the fragrance of the dried flowers.
Flower Candles 
It is quite a unique yet easy idea to gift a flower candle, without knowing the skills of a candle maker. You just need to take a pillar candle and a votive candle of the same color. Melt the votive candle. Using a brush apply the melted wax onto a flower that you picked from your garden. Adhere the flower to the pillar candle and press it firm. Now apply another coat of wax to the flower to cover it well. Your flower candles are ready. 

Present your friends and relatives with something that is quite utilitarian as well as one of the well-appreciated gifts. You can make some wine at your home or try some canned peaches or homemade organic salsa. You can gift it in a nice jar with a satin ribbon tied around. You can even mention the recipes for the usage if needed. 

Homemade Flower Paper
One of the best ways to cry out loud that you make no harm to the environment is to present a flower paper. The paper sheet can be made from the pulp of the flowers, leaves and used paper. Spread it over a sheet and the dried pulp will form the perfect recycled paper. Onto it, you can stick dried flowers, seeds and other garden elements. 

To get a new houseplant for your garden is expensive, so a houseplant as a gift will be truly appreciated by any plant lover. You can gift a small sapling of the plant in a flowerpot filled with soil. 

Herbal Oils & Vinegars
Sauté half a cup of chopped fresh herbs in one cup of olive oil, strain the oil and keep it refrigerated. You should ensure that the recipient uses the oil in three weeks to ensure wholesomeness. Similarly you can provide vinegar as a gift as it has an indefinite shelf life. You can let a cup of chopped herbs to be added to a bottle of apple cider vinegar and set it for 2 weeks. Strain it afterwards. You can even try adding spices to it. 

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