Green onions and scallions not only look similar, but are generally used for the same purpose as well. However, there is a difference between the two. Check out info on scallions vs green onions.

Scallions Vs Green Onions

Both scallions and green onions belong to the genus Allium of the edible perennial plants, which includes shallots, garlic, chives, leeks, etc. Since both scallions and green onions look similar and are from the same family, they are often considered to be one. There has always been a constant confusion, when it comes to distinguishing the two. Scallions and green onions are two different vegetables with a very thin line of difference between them. One of the visible differences between the two is that the sides of the white base of scallions are straight, while the sides of the white base of the green onions are curved, in shape of the bulbs. The taste and the aroma of both are also different. Both the types of onions are used in their cooked and raw form to facilitate different recipes. This article gives you an insight into the difference between green onions and scallions.
Difference Between Scallions And Green Onions
Scallions are a member of the ‘white onion family’ with a green top and a white bottom. Scallions are one of the varieties of young onions that have white roots and dark green and hollow stems. These vaguely structured immature onions are wrongly interpreted as green onions and even chives sometimes. Unlike green onions, scallions’ roots are not developed into an onion bulb. They have a milder flavor than that of the fully matured onion bulb. On the other hand, scallions are stronger in flavor than chives and can be used as a substitute for chives in the completion of many recipes. Scallions can be both cooked or used raw. However, they are mostly used in their raw form for adding zest and flavor to different vegetable salads. They are also used for garnishing various spicy recipes.
Green Onions
Green onions are a slightly matured variety of onions with long and delicate green colored stalks and small white bulbs that are well defined than the white bulbs in scallions. Also known as bunching onions, green onions have a mild taste and bear the regular pungency of fully grown onions. Green onions are also used to garnish various dishes like salads, pastas and baked items. They are also used as one of the main ingredients for cooking various delicacies.
Scallions Vs Green Onions
  • The most common difference between the green onions and scallions is that the sides of the white base of scallions are generally straight, whereas the sides of the base of the green onions start to curve into the development of bulbs.
  • The white base and the green leaves of scallions can be eaten either raw or cooked, but the same parts of green onions cannot be eaten raw. However, they can be used for garnishing.
  • In terms of flavor, scallions boast of a milder taste than green onions, which, in turn, has a similar flavor as compared to onions.
  • Scallions are the totally immature green onions with a round shape and a strong flavor. On the other hand, green onions are maturing spring onions that contain a distinctive flavor and taste, just like a fully grown onion. Green onions are slightly well defined than the scallions.

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