Preschool musical instrument crafts can be made using the materials that can be easily found at home. In this article, we have provided guidance on making music crafts for preschoolers.

Music Crafts For Preschoolers

The best way to teach preschoolers about the sounds produced by various musical instruments is by making crafts. The sounds produced by such instruments are close to what we hear on playing the original ones. Musical instrument crafts are easy to make and are quiet inexpensive as well. In addition, they require very few supplies. Apart from this, the crafts serve as a nice way to test the level of creativity in the preschool kids, as they are asked to color and decorate the instruments also. If you are looking for music crafts for preschoolers, this article will prove useful for you.
Musical Instrument Crafts For Kids
Humming Flute
Flute can be easily made with a toiler paper roll, wax paper, rubber bands, pencil and crayons. Ask your kid to color the paper roll with crayons. He/she may decorate it with glitters as well. Now, make three to four holes in the roll using the pencil. After cutting 4 inch square of the wax paper, attach it over the end of the paper roll, using a rubber band. Your flute is ready!
Bottle Shakers
Making shakers from soda bottles is a fun and interesting craft project for preschoolers. Half-fill the soda bottles with dried beans or corn. You may also put rice inside the bottles. Secure the lids of the bottles and close them tight, with the help of a masking tape. You can make the ‘musical instruments’ look pretty by attaching strings or ribbons to them.
Finger Cymbals
The tinkling sound of finger cymbals can be brought about by using baby-food jar lids, ½ inch wide elastic, a nail and hammer. Cut two pieces of the elastic, each four inches long. Now, punch a hole in the center of each lid, of the baby food jar, using a hammer. Insert the elastics through each hole. Tie a knot at the ends of the elastic. Slip your fingers through the cymbals and hold them between your thumb and index finger to make music.
A beautiful rattle can be made by using a y-shaped twig, yarn, scissors, tape, feathers, beads and washers. Cover the entire twig by winding the yarn around it. Secure the ends of the yarn with a tape, if you are finished covering the twig. You may attach features to decorate the twig. Cut a small piece of yarn and tie one of its ends to one arm of the y-shaped twig. Now, insert a few beads and washers into the yarn. After your fill the beads, tie the other end of the yarn to the other arm of the twig.  
Shoe Box Guitar
If you want to make a box guitar, you will need a shoe box, rubber bands, scissors, paper-towel tube and a pencil. Cut an oval-shaped hole on the top of the shoebox. Stretch three or four rubber bands around the box in such a way that they pass through the oval-shaped hole. Keep the pencil under the rubber bands. For the handle, attach a paper-towel tube on the other end of the box. Your shoe box guitar is ready!

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