Are you thinking of proposing marriage to your beloved on Valentine’s Day? If yes, then go through the article and check out the most romantic Valentine's Day wedding proposal ideas.

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposals

Valentine’s Day is a special day for the love birds and it becomes even more special when the two souls decide to tie the wedding knot. While marriages are made in heaven, the proposals are made on earth. The real joy lies when your partner pops the magical words in the most romantic way. When you are proposing, you would also like to see the sparkle in his/her eyes, won't you? So, why not make it the moment your most memorable yet? Explore the ideas for marriage proposals given in this article and pop up the magical question on this Valentines Day.
Valentine's Day Wedding Proposal Ideas
Musical Proposal
Proposing your beloved musically sounds very romantic. Take him/her to a restaurant for a dinner. Surprise your partner by arranging a performance by a singer or a music band at the restaurant. Amuse him/her with romantic Valentine's Day songs and end the evening with the proposal.
The Chocolate Way
Gift your valentine a heart shaped box full of chocolates. While arranging the treat inside the box, leave a place vacant, where you will keep your engagement ring. When your partner opens the box and spots the ring amidst the chocolates, he/she will be ecstatic.
'Card' Way
Get a gift box and fill it with Valentine's Day cards. Write different message in each one, like “I want to spend my life with you”, “I love you”, "Will you be mine?". Inside the card that is specially decorated and looks different from others, write the magical words - “Will you marry me?”
Give Trinket Box
You can also propose your beloved, for marriage, by gifting a beautiful trinket box, inside which you have nestled the engagement ring. Make the gift box attractive by wrapping it with colorful paper. Make sure to tuck a love message card on it as well.
Romantic Ambience At Home
If you are spending the precious moments of Valentines Day at your home, make the place romantic and set the scenario for popping up the question. Turn off all the lights and illuminate your home with scented candles, placed everywhere. This will create a romantic atmosphere. The background music should be soothing as well. It will be a delightful for your valentine. Do a slow dance with your beloved and the moment it is over, get down on knees and propose.
Dinner at Home
Arrange dinner at home. Cook the food on your own. Arrange the table, complete with two wine glasses, a couple of dishes and a beautiful centerpiece. Decorate the dinner table with beautiful mats, roses and candles. After indulging in a romantic talk with your partner for a while, propose to him/her.
While Watching Movie
While at home, you can watch a romantic movie with your love. Create the theatre effect at home, by turning off the lights. Have homemade popcorn and his/her favorite treat as well. Watching the movie, sitting on the couch, hand in hand, will be very romantic. Propose him/her right at the end of the movie.
Romantic Getaway
Take your beloved out of the home, away from the busy streets and restaurants, to a lonely and romantic getaway. Propose to him/her at the place, when you find it the right time to do so. Believe me, he/she will find it the most romantic proposal ever!

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