Icebreaker games are specially designed to open up people to each other. Explore the article to know more about icebreaker games.

What Are Icebreaker Games?

It is said that jokes are the best icebreakers but there are also bonafide icebreaker games, which are specially designed, to make people comfortable with each other. These games are often used in causal conferences, large gatherings, office parties, etc, for making the employees gel with each other and to create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. The psychological aspect behind ice breaker games is that if a group of strangers know a little bit about each other ,they may work together smoothly on project. Icebreaker games encourage people to share and bond together. The content of the game varies from one game to another, which completely depends on the context. There are different kinds of icebreaker games for large and small groups. There are loads of icebreaker games designed for various needs and you can find most of them in internet. Read on the article to know more about icebreaker games.
 Ice Breaker Activities 

First impression
This is a cool icebreaker game for employees in an office. According to the game, as soon as the guest or the fellow employee enters, you can stick an adhesive paper on his back. You can ask other people who saw him coming, to write some witty comments or the first impression he made on other people by the way he walked into the hall where the game is taking place.

Name Tag
The main intention of this game is to introducing the concerned person to other guests in a friendly way. The invitee should introduce himself/herself to the crowd using an adjective that starts with the first letter of their name. Stunning Sally, Hotty Hema, Active Ashok are a few examples. This would crack laughter among people and would provide an atmosphere where people behave more casually and friendly. 

Secret Life
When you announce a name of the person, ask him/her to tell one secret fact about him/her. However, you need to make sure that the game doesn’t swing the serious way, the facts should be light and funny. Something on the line of first crush, favorite music band, actor, favorite idol etc would be good enough. You can find their hidden talents, achievements, and escapades by playing this ice breaking game. By this game, everyone get to know at least something about each other. 

Four Squares
Four square is an icebreaker game specially designed for small groups. The only material needed for playing this game are a few pens and papers. You should ask the participants to divide the paper into four squares. The trainer can name those squares as favorite travel destination or hobbies or an animal you would like to become or any other important thing of his/her life. The participants have to depict the same in the picture form. The trainer should ask them to be creative as possible. This would end up as a fantastic icebreaker game, which brings out the talent of the participants.

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