Do you want the participants of a forthcoming meeting to be comfortable before the commencement of the meeting? If you do, then read on to learn some ice breakers games for meetings.

Meetings Ice Breakers

In a stressed and serious environment like an office meeting, people’s confidence levels might suffer, and this can affect the involvement of the meeting. It is to break down this uneasiness and tense milieu that icebreakers come into use. Icebreakers are used to introduce people, give them an opportunity to know each other, break down barriers of any kind between different partakers and to make the atmosphere light before any serious activity without any strings attached. Icebreaker games are an ideal way to start any staff meeting or office gathering, since it will create a comfort zone for the people to open up and participate without shilly-shallying. Including icebreaker games in staff meetings will not only ease the environment, but will also provide comfort and confidence to the participants to share and suggest thoughts and ideas with more ease. Mentioned below are some of the interesting and commonly used meetings ice breaker games. Read on to learn more.

Ice Breaker Games For Meetings

Animal Instinct
In order to play this game, office chairs need to be arranged in a circle and each chair will hold a label with an animal’s name on it. A list of gestures pertaining to the name of each animal has to be preset, or the staff can decide one gesture for a particular animal themselves. The staff members are supposed to enact the particular gesture allotted to the animal/chair in which he/she will sit. The facilitator can even signal the team members to exchange positions, for the team members to change their gestures. This is a funny ice breaker game that can be conducted in a meeting.

Who Am I?
This ice breaker game is suitable for both small as well as big meeting groups and promises to be fun. In this game each staff member is given a celebrity’s name which is tagged behind their backs. The fun lies in the fact that the person does not know the name tagged to his/her back and will have to go to other members to ask for clues. After collecting the hints from all the members, the person will have to guess the correct name tagged behind him/her.

Bread Winner
Bread winner is a simple and interesting ice breaker. Most meetings are conducted in the morning, making this game a perfect fit as an ice breaker for the early hours of the day. The participants are asked to bring different kinds of breakfast breads for the meeting. The facilitator can rotate the responsibility to each member of the group with a challenge to bring a new kind of bread. The team as a whole can vote for the best “bread winner “of the day.

Act It Out
This is a challenging game that will test the concentration power, creativity, attentiveness and spontaneity of each member taking part in a meeting. After the meeting is over and all the details and information have been delivered, segregate the participants into small groups and ask each group to come up with a skit, song, dance or any other creative ways to summarize the session for the entire team.

Change Places
Make all the participants drop their business cards into a box or container and then ask each of them to pick one card except theirs. The staff members will have to respond to ideas and react to questions assuming to be the person the card belongs to. The member will have to respond to views of the person whose card they are holding.

Bridging The Gap
This is an interesting game that will test the team spirit and coordination of a person along with adding fun and charm to the meeting. You will have to divide the members into groups of 2-4 members each with each group having a small ball of playing dough or clay and twelve toothpicks. The task to be accomplished by each group is to construct the longest plank bridge they can. Give points for the speed, team work, length of the bridge and the ability of the bridge to stand without leaning over. 

This is a game to test a person’s hold over the language. It is an interesting ice breaker for meetings and can make a person completely get involved. In this game the participants will have to introduce themselves using an adjective that begins with the first letter of their first name. The participants are not allowed to repeat an adjective that has already been used.

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