Party ice breakers are silly and sometimes embarrassing, but they are entertaining and enjoyable in a light-hearted way. Explore this article to find some fun icebreaker games for parties.

Party Ice Breakers

Party ice breakers are a fun and exciting way to introduce guests to one another and make them feel at home, instantly. Accept it or not, you do feel awkward while walking into party where you know very few people. Icebreakers enable people to move around and mingle with each other. They involve simple games and activities organized to make the guests feel at ease and comfortable. Though funny and silly at times, ice breakers are definitely enlightening and enjoying. One common ice breaker theme is learning each other’s name and at times, this provides enough information to stimulate conversation once the party ice breakers are over. The following lines will help you out in organizing some fun and entertaining icebreaker games for your party to reduce anxiety and tension among the guests.
Icebreaker Games For Parties
Sentence Starters
The game makes a great icebreaker, giving everyone a chance to share something about themselves and let their personalities shine through at the party. Some starters include:
  • I have never . . .
  • I am . . .
  • What makes me laugh is . . .
  • The most important decision of may life was . . .
  • If I was a piece of furniture, I’d be a . . .
Spin the Secrets
This is a great game when played in a large group. Seat all your friends in a circle on the floor. Spin a bottle in the centre. Whoever the nozzle lands on, the person has to go to the nearby room, along with the one who spun the bottle, and tell him/her a deep dark secret. The chosen person now spins the bottle. At the end, you have to write the secrets on a little piece of paper provided and collect them in a hat. The secret you draw have to be guessed to whom it belongs.
Human Bingo
Yet another fun idea for an ice breaker! Prepare a grid sheet with varied personal characteristics in each square. The characteristics can be: sings in shower, been to America, watches a soap opera, has met a famous person, wears thong underwear, plays the lottery, speaks at least three languages, is a virgin, etc. Distribute copies of the sheets to your guests and ask them to collect unique signatures of the guests, who fulfill any of these characteristics. The first person to get the maximum squares filled is declared as the winner.
Lie Detector
Ask all your guests to prepare one lie and two true statements about themselves, while coming to the party. Settle all the guests together and allow each person to tell everyone their three statements. They must do their best to conceal the lie. The remaining people should be provided with a score card and should vote as to which statement is a lie. At the end of the voting, the player reveals his false statement and describes the true statements in detail. This game forms a great ice breaker for any party.
First Impression is the Best Impression
While a guest enters your place, stick an adhesive paper on their back. Ask the other guests to write witty comments or first impressions about them on the paper. Once the paper is filled, ask every person to read out the comments made on him/ her. A fun way to gel into the group and make yourself better!

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