Are you, by any chance, wondering as to how to keep wine in open bottle? Check out the tips given below and know all about keeping an open wine bottle.

Keeping An Open Wine Bottle

Champagnes and wines are the perfect drinks if you want to have liquor, but cannot hold too much of it. They also form the best ‘after-dinner’ drinks. However, many-a-times, it is common to see that all the bottles of wine do not get consumed in a party, whatever be the reason. As long as the bottle has not been opened, it is okay. The problem arises when a bottle has been opened, but its contents are only partially consumed. Now, comes the question as to how to keep wine in an open bottle, without letting it get spoilt. In order to help you with this task, we have provided a number of tips to preserve the quality of the wine over the next few days, perfect for consumption as a freshly opened bottle, with that fizz pouring over. Just follow them to make sure that your open wine bottle remains drinkable even after sometime.


How To Keep an Open Wine Bottle

  • Always remember to open the bottle carefully and save the cork. After you have had your share of wine, put the cork back on the top and secure it nicely. Since the cork helped in maintaining the quality of wine before opening the bottle, it will continue to do the same once the bottle is opened. Being highly elastic, the cork will fill in the empty space to keep the wine safe in the bottle.
  • If you have broken the cork while opening the bottle or misplaced it, purchase plastic bottle stopper. It will help in keeping the fizz of the wine alive for sometime.
  • Make use of a spray preserver or vacuum pump. While the vacuum pump sucks the air out of the bottle, the spray forces the air out and leaves a blanket of inert gases to pamper the wine and extends its shelf life up to ten days. Wine has a tendency to turn into vinegar once it comes in contact with oxygen. To prevent your wine from undergoing such a reaction, it is best to remove the air from the bottle.
  • Always keep the open bottle of wine in a cool and dark place. You can also keep it in the wine cooler or refrigerator, but make sure not to freeze it. Please do not leave it on the kitchen counter, especially if your countertop is likely to experience a warm temperature or you live in tropical zones.
  • Finally, remember that all wines do not last after being opened. While red wines last longer than white wines in an unopened bottle, white wines store longer than their red counterparts after opening, due to the presence of acids. In any case, a week is the maximum time that can be given to an open wine bottle for storage.
  • White wines store better in a wine cellar or closet. In case any one is not available, the refrigerator is the best place to store the wine. Red wines do not need to be refrigerated and can keep up well when placed in a dark place. Dessert wines, such as Sauternes, everyday Ports and most of the Sherries, can be stored for a longer duration. Though they can easily resist degradation for more than 3-5 days, the exact duration varies from wine to wine.
  • If you still have an unfinished bottle of wine, after re-opening, the leftover wine can be poured into ice-cube trays and put into the freezer, to be used for cooking, and not drinking.
By following the tips mentioned above, you can store wine and preserve its freshness, though it is recommended that you consume the remaining liquor within seven days, at the maximum, to enjoy it to the core.

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