Decorating the front door during Christmas is very important because it makes the first impression on your visitors. Check out ideas on how to decorate door for Christmas.

Christmas Door Decorations

The celebration of Christmas is incomplete without beautiful decorations. The festive season is the time to keep your home and premises spick and span, decorate the place with embellishments and adorn the Christmas tree with sparkling lights and ornaments. When the guests and carolers come to greet you during the festival, they should be pleased to knock your front door and feel invited at the very entrance. Hence, decorating the door becomes a significant task, apart from the lawn, backyard and indoors. Given below are some nice Christmas door decoration ideas.
Christmas Door Decoration Ideas 
  • Christmas wreath is the first decorative item that comes to the mind when we talk about decorating the Christmas door. Make a midsized wreath, adorn it with multi-colored blinking lights, dry fruits, a sprig of mistletoe and add a red satin ribbon to give the final touch. Hang the Christmas wreath at the center of your front door and give a hearty welcome to your visitors!
  • Another great idea to decorate your door is to place two real Christmas trees on its either sides, adorning them with various ornaments. You may also opt for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees for the purpose.
  • A beautiful way to welcome your guests during Christmas is to place a hanger on your door. A wide variety of beautiful door hangers is available in the market during the season. Door hangers with the picture of reindeer, Santa Claus and snowman make very cute decorative pieces.
  • You may also make door hanger at home. Supply yourself with card stock, glue, glitters, crayons, marker and sequins. Cut the card stock according to the size of your doorknob. Using the marker, draw your favorite Christmas character on the stock. Color and embellish it by gluing on sequins and glitter. Write a Christmas message on it. Your handmade door hanger is ready!
  • Non-blinking Christmas lights can be used to embellish the front door. Beautify the doorframe with a long string of Christmas lights. You may also use garlands to decorate the border.
  • If you are good at drawing, take a chart-paper; draw the Nativity Scene, Santa Claus and reindeer, or the snowman. Color it with poster colors and paste it on your front door.
  • Christmas door decoration is not just limited to beautifying the front door. Decorating the premises also becomes important. A great idea to greet your guests is to decorate the path leading up to the front door. You may also place potted plants or miniature Christmas trees on the path.
  • A three-dimensional snowman can act as a beautiful piece of embellishment for your front door. Draw a snowman on a white cardboard and cut it. Color the cutout, using watercolor. After the color dries completely, fix a real hat and scarf on the board, using craft glue. Tuck a satin ribbon on the board and then hang it on your front door.

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