Halloween stories should be short and scary enough to create anxiety among the listeners. Here are a couple of scary ghost stories for passing time on Halloween night.

Scary Halloween Stories

Halloween is an occasion to rejoice and have a lot of fun. The haunting night allows us to be a bit wicked and scary. One of the best ways to make Halloween party a memorable experience is to wear 'out-of-the-ordinary' bloodcurdling costumes and heavy make up. Another way to fill the atmosphere with excitement is to narrate ghost stories. Scary Halloween stories should be told in such a way that it keeps the listeners hooked up until the end and makes them guess with high anticipation, as to what will happen next. Given below are a couple of scary short stories for Halloween night. Use them and make the night a virtual nightmare for your guests! Read on.
Till Death Do Us Apart
A newly married couple, John and Angela, had bought a house in New Hampshire. A lot of stories were told to them by the people near the house, one being that the house was haunted by an insane serial killer. The couple totally ignored the stories and decided to move in. All hell broke loose the moment they entered the haunted house. Angela frequently complained that she felt someone was touching her in the night. John promised her that he will stay with her till death and will steer clear all her fear. To stand up to his words, he decided to stay awake for a night.
Around midnight, he was gripped by the feeling of an unusual thirst. So, he went downstairs to fetch a glass of water. Before he could get hands on the glass jar, he heard a horrifying scream from the bedroom. He saw Angela's dead body lay bleeding on the floor. Flabbergasted with the sight, he rushed downstairs, to make a call to the police. Several sleepless nights followed Angela's death. After a fortnight, he finally had a night of peaceful sleep. Again, he felt an overwhelming thirst and went downstairs to get a glass of water. After drinking water, he went upstairs to get back to his sleep.
John was staggered when he saw a lump in the bed. He ran over and ripped off the bed spread. The ghost of Angela, with blood stains around the neck, a pale green face and eyes with an unholy light radiating from them- probably the scariest one- was floating up above him. In her hand was a sharp kitchen knife. Another man with a ghostly appearance floated beside her. The roaring sound from the ghost of Angela asked John, "Didn't you promise John? Didn't you promise? 'Till death do us apart! You promised!" Angela screamed, as she floated towards John and stuck the knife into his heart.
The Late Night Drive
Sam was driving home late one night, when he saw a young lady waiting by a bus stop. He stopped the car and went towards the stop to tell the lady that no buses were plying so late at night. He offered her a lift. She accepted the offer and trudged into the car. As the winter night was getting colder, he took off his jacket and gave it to her. In the small conversation which soon kick-started, Sam discovered that the lady's name was Maria and she was on her way to home. After an hour's drive, Sam arrived at the front door of Maria's home. He dropped her at the front door, wished her goodnight and went on his way back home.

The next day, he remembered that Maria had forgotten to return his jacket. As he drove down to Maria's home, an old lady opened the door. Sam explained about the ride he had with her daughter last night and that his jacket was with her. The old lady look very confused. As he entered home, he noticed Maria's photo hung on the mantle above fireplace. He pointed to it and told that the girl he was talking about was the one in the photo. With her voice shaking, the old lady told Sam that her daughter had died seven years ago and was buried in a cemetery about an hour's drive from the place. Sam ran to his car and drove to the cemetery…. He found his jacket; neatly folded on top of a grave… the name on the gravestone was Maria!

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