Are you planning to don the 'vampiress' look this Halloween and want to know how to apply the makeup? Go through the following lines and find ideas and tips for the right vampiress makeup.

Vampiress Makeup Ideas

Come Halloween and you will find each and every person dressed up in a horrifying way, completely opposite to the attractive look of the daily life. In fact, around Halloween, people try to make themselves look as scary as possible. When it comes to looking frightening, nothing can beat the guise of a vampire. Most of the women especially love to don the female vampire i.e. the 'vampiress' look, since it presents the right blend of fright and sex appeal. We can go to the extent of saying that it is the sexuality of a 'vampiress' that helps her claim so many victims. So, for this year's Halloween party, go ahead and don the look of a vampiress. All you need is a sexy dress and the right makeup. If you need any help regarding the makeup part, go through the tips and ideas provided below.
How To Apply Vampiress Makeup 
  • The first step to get the perfect vampire look is to have the make up kit ready by your side. Your make-up kit should have foundation, eye liner, kohl pencil, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc.
  • Start by applying foundation on your face. Put foundation in such a way that it gives you an extremely pale look. This would be in sync with the life of a vampire, who has steps into sunlight.  
  • Work on the areas beneath the eye and cheekbones, giving them strokes of blue and purple shadow. A tinge of shade around the nostrils would add to the vampire look. However, do not get carried away by the colors. Keep in mind that you are dead and colorless.
  • The main focus of the make-up should be the use of the eye liner. Use it freely and heavily. You can play with eye liner as much as you can, but remember not to make yourself look dirty.
  • If you want to change the look of your eye brows, feel free to go for it. Use a kohl pencil to play around your eye brows. You can even make a second tail out of the eye brows.
  • The portion above your eyes should be done with a shade of red. Eye shadows give a distinct look to your face. While the upper area has to be done with red, the lower should comprise of blue and purple shade.
  • Next in line is the use of blush. Start by creating spots of scarlet on the cheeks.  Blend it well, but just short of the extent where the spots disappear. This would create just the right look for you.
  • Opt for a deep blood red lipstick. Rub some of the lipstick onto the tip of your thumb and then press onto cupid bows of the upper lip. Now draw the color down onto the bottom lip. Don't spread the color around.

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