Get some tips here regarding how to host a mother daughter tea party. The mother daughter party tips here would discuss how to send invitations, purchase items, party essentials or party games.

Mother Daughter Tea Party

Mother daughter tea parties are organized for socializing and having fun. Here are some tips regarding mother daughter tea party.
Sending Invitations
Innovative invitations are liked by all. So try to send invitations which are different. For a mother daughter tea party, send invitation cards shaped as teapots. You could send your guests the teacups themselves with your invitations painted on these. Postcards having pictures of teacups could also be used. Send invitations to the guests about two weeks before the tea party date.
Purchasing of Items
First of all, you will need to arrange for teacups and pots. So if you don’t have these in home, visit market to buy these. Cups should be better same size and shape for all the guests. As for sugar, put cubes in a sugar bowl with sugar tongs for serving. Place teaspoons and lemon slices in a dish with a small fork. Use another utensil for keeping spoons, knives and forks.
Party Essentials
  • No party could be without music. And music should be according to taste of the guests.
  • For a night party, candles could be useful for creating ambience.
  • Serve variety of snacks and chocolates.
  • Decorate the place with bouquets of flowers.
  • Take snapshots and videoshots of the party.
  • Request guests to come to the party well prepared for fun.
  • Arrange some special fun activities for the little girls. 
Party Games
You could play party games like how well mother and daughter know each other. Prepare questions for the pairs to answer about each other, like "What is your daughter's favorite dress?" "Which is your mother's favorite movie?" "What does your daughter like to do after school?" "Which teacher does your daughter like the best?" Give a special cup of tea to the pair who knows each other best. 

You could have a musical chair contest for the girls. Dance or poem recitation competitions could also be held. You could ask the little girls or their mother to tell fairy tales. Girls could be asked to enact their teachers and friends. The aim is to create more and more fun situations in the party.

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