Given below are some vital tips on how to paint a clown face. To know how to do a clown face paint, read on.

How To Do A Clown Face Paint

Clown faces have amused all of us in childhood. Their unrealistic loud make up and funny and bright clothes are the vital tools to give a person the perfect look of a clown. Clowns are basically jesters, whose main aim is to entertain the audience, with their playful and hilarious actions and activities. They were widely seen in the Imperial courts once. However, in the contemporary world, they are sited only in circus. In case, you wish to know how to paint a clown face, given below are some vital tips for the same.
How to Do a Clown Face Paint
Tools Required 
  • Face paint
  • Setting powder
  • White pencil
  • Brushes and sponges
  • Makeup remover 
  • Before painting, wash your face thoroughly. This provides a clean canvas for make up application, making the process smooth.
  • Ensure your face is thoroughly dry for the ease of application.
  • Outline your face in white color, with the help of a white pencil. This will define the area you will be painting white.
  • Outline the lips and apply color near the eyes. Be very careful while working near the eyes. Go slowly and be relaxed. In case you do not have a pencil, you can use a narrow brush for the same.
  • For filling the area with white, make use of a sponge foam or makeup sponge. Dip this in the white paint and slowly apply this to the face, starting at the white outline and working towards inside.
  • The best way to do it is by applying the color in a circular motion toward the center of the face. Be generous while applying the make up and make sure it covers the skin completely.
  • After covering the face with white color, set it using white or clear setting powder. Lightly dust the face as this will help to keep the makeup on the face and prevent spilling.
  • The base is ready and now you can paint the face creatively, using a variety of paint brushes. For detailed work, use small size brushes, while larger sizes should be used for finishing faster in larger spaces.
  • You can apply lots of red for large lips, either in a smile or a frown, as per your desire. You can add rosy cheeks, colored squares or circles.
  • The eyelids and eyebrows can also be painted in fancy designs. However, painting the nose red is a popular trend.
  • Don’t forget to set the new paint with setting powder.
  • Finish your clown face by applying mascara or fake eyelashes.

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