Ordering 40th birthday cake can be tricky task because they depict so much more than age! Read on for ideas on how to plan your dear one’s 40th birthday with a cake that best suits the occasion.

40th Birthday Cakes

40th birthdays are not just birthdays. They are events that stand for more than just depicting a particular age. They stand for maturity and for all the fun that an individual has had in his/her life. 40th birthday also, at times, brings back sadder memories and unfulfilled dreams which is why there is a need for some thought to be put into 40th birthday celebrations. And what better way to start planning for a birthday than deciding what kind of cake will the birthday ‘boy/girl’ cut on the particular day. Cakes, nowadays, are not just desserts; they are the theme setters for a birthday. Depending upon the mood of the occasion and the nature of the birthday person, you can plan out a perfectly wonderful party by just getting the cake that fits in. A bright and motivating cake for a grieving person will lift his spirits and make him accept the transition better, while a funny cake for a bright person will let him have his guffaw and the kind of fun that he swears by. Read on to get ideas for planning a perfect 40th birthday cake.
40th Birthday Cake Ideas
Photo Cake
People turning 40 have a whole lot of memories that can be relived on their birthdays. And instead of gifting them a collage or an album on their birthday, why not get them a cake which has a memorable photograph on it. A bright photograph for a not-so-happy person and a funny photograph for a bright person is all it takes to set the mood. Find out bakeries that can turn the photo into a cake topper and voila! An actual edible photo on top of the cake will definitely be surrounded by huge applaud and laughter.
Hobby Angle
Oh, so uncle likes golfing? And aunt likes fishing? Cool. Get a fishing theme cake for the aunt and pick one of those wonderful golf themed cakes for uncle dearest. And the surprise is complete. You can also have a cake decorated with shoes and handbags for women who love shopping. Or a guitar or any musical instrument can be made edible for a music lover’s 40th birthday. This kind of cake can very well rekindle an old hobby and give a whole new meaning to your dear one’s 40th birthday. Fanatics of automobiles can be surprised with cakes themed on their favorite vehicles.
Some Other Options
  • The most common yet one of the funnier cake themes is the grand old tombstone/over-the-hill cake. Agreed, that it has been done over and over and yet over again but that doesn’t mean that it has lost its charm. It still has a lot of laughs under it.
  • Mommies turning 40 may have children of any age, but they would still appreciate a cake which has either small children drawn on it on a park background setting or a cake which is shaped as any of their kids.
  • So the birthday person is a grandma? Well, the special lady deserves special daisy shapes or florally decorated cakes to show her how much her kids and grandkids think of her. The floral theme depicts care, concern and loads of affection.
  • Men are a different ball game entirely. And hence the best cakes for them, next only to the photographic ones, are those that stand for maturity and respect. And a birthday cake depicting a tree on it or shaped as a tree stands for exactly the kind of affection that an Indian household has for the father – respect, maturity and commandership.

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