Tired of playing the same pranks on your associates and acquaintances? Turn into an evil prankster with some funny email prank ideas, listed herein.

Email Pranks

Oh! What a boring day! With not much work to do at office, you are simply feeling lazy and tiresome. You browse through the internet and open up your personal email id just in case you have received any interesting emails to create excitement around you. But to your surprise, you have a new email indicating your personality ranking. You jump up from your seat as you are shocked to wonder how can an email from an unknown id analyze your personality and declare you beautiful. It’s only later on that you realize it’s a prank played on you by one of your colleagues sitting in the next bay. This brings in life and some enthusiasm in you to get back to your work. Want to take revenge and play a bigger prank on your colleague? Try some thrilling and fun-filled email pranks that will leave people mesmerized and shocked. Surf through the following lines for ideas on funny email pranks.
Funny Email Prank Ideas
Driver’s License Search
One of the best ways to catch people’s attraction on the internet is through links. They usually click on links they trust and hence, can end up falling prey to your prank. Though there are several prank links you can pick up trick people, but Driver’s License Search is one great prank you should definitely give a try. This works best for people who are eagerly waiting for their driver’s license. Send them an email stating that for some reason, their license has been posted online for the entire world to look for. Unable to resist themselves, they will surely click on the official spoof link only to find that their driver’s license has been issued with a monkey’s face. And aren’t monkeys funny? Sure to leave the person shocked yet amused!
False Prize
Who doesn’t love winning contests and receiving gifts? Picking up such a victim and tricking him with a lucrative award is yet another great email prank. For this, you need to first create a false competition or contest and make it seem real. However, this prank will only be successful when you make sure that it does not sound like any spam email. Select a contest that is sure to induce interest from the victim's end. If you feel the victim is too lazy to fill in the contest, inform him that a recent survey entitled him as a participant of the same contest and that he has won it. Send an email, informing him to collect the prize from the reception and when he appears, present him with a packet that reveals the prank played on him. You can play this trick on any of your colleagues and enjoy the live action thereafter.
Cyber Crime
If you have been searching for the most thrilling and exhilarating way to take revenge on any of your contacts, then this email prank should be of utmost use to you. Create an anonymous email stating that you belong to the cyber crime department and the recipient is accused of spamming. Send the email to your enemy and let him shoot up his blood pressure through extreme worries and tension. Inform the person that he has to undergo some difficult and strict formalities until you are completely satisfied. Watch out for the worrisome expressions on his face!
Blind Date
People who are involved into online dating sites or social networking portals are the best victims for this prank. It sure will be fun for a prankster while leaving the victims tremendously annoying and offensive. Create a fake profile that looks like a genuine and perfect match for the victim. Send an email to the victim from this fake profile and keep in regular touch with that person. Wait for the right time and send an email asking the victim to meet up. To identify you, ask him to carry a rose, heart-shaped balloon, and sport a red and white striped shirt. Prepare your camera and capture the expressions as he enters and discovers you on your first date.
Click My Snap
Send an email to all your victims asking them to click on a particular link to get them picture clicked online. Surely, most of them will get excited and readily click on the website. Create a flash light that fades slowly only to find their captured picture on screen. Get the image printed slowly with the forehead entering first, followed by the eyes and finally, the entire face. All that they find is the picture of a donkey. Your friends will love to hate you for sure. But you will definitely enjoy their expressions and the fun created by you.
With these amusing and funny pranks, you are sure to annoy and irritate your victims to the fullest. Happy pranking!

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