If the technological marvels of the world were to come alive, SMS and e-mail would stand as two of the most famous celebrities. Read this article about SMS Vs e-mail and find out why.

SMS Vs Email

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the talk show for the technological marvels of the world. The two guests that we have this week are the two magnificent wonders in the field of technological communication and each of them continues to stand its own ground even after many neck to neck battles. So please, welcome with a big round of applause, the very splendid SMS and the most endearing e-mail. E-mail, we’ll start with you. How does it feel to be the first of the leading breakthroughs in the technological world of communication that made paper mails obsolete? “Ha-ha, feels good!” Very good, and SMS; how does it feel to be the shortest yet quickest way to convey your owner’s message? “Feels awesome, thank you!” In case our audience doesn’t know, these days both e-mail and SMS are the most favored way of communications. Every household has at least one mobile phone and a personal computer or laptop which it frequently makes use of to send SMS and e-mails. E-mail, a widespread rumor has it that you’ve made your way into cell phones and that you can be easily checked out without opening the heavy duty computer. Is it true? “Umm, yes it is”. SMS, are you scared? “Not at all!” That’s great, you’re a tough fight! Wait, what? Okay, no we understand! Ladies and gentlemen, our two prestigious guests had to leave us as they have to perform their duties. We’ll have to end the show right here. But before we go, read this article about SMS and e-mails and know your superstars better.
Difference Between SMS And E-mail
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a text communication service in the world of mobile communications system. It involves using standard communications protocols to exchange short messages between fixed lines or handheld devices, but most commonly used in cell phones. Electronic mail (e-mail) is a way of exchanging digital messages or text communication in the world of internet and computer networks. It involves using Transmission Control Protocol – Internet Protocol (TCP-IP) to send messages in the form of packets to the users over computing devices with internet facility.
  • For sending SMS, one needs to have a cell phone with short messaging service application (which is very common) and a working sim from a telecom service provider. For sending an e-mail, one needs to have a computing device (pc or laptop), an internet connection, and an e-mail address from the internet service provider.
  • In SMS, there’s a word limit of around 160 characters for which the user is charged a certain price. Going over that limit (for the next 160 characters), the user is charged twice and so on. Moreover, most cell phones don’t have the option of going over 1000 characters. In e-mailing, there’s no such word limit and the user can send right from a short message to a long descriptive one.
  • SMS do not carry with themselves the additional benefits of attaching multimedia files or using colorful and different fonts. E-mailing is bundled with the benefits of attaching multimedia files like pictures, songs, other files. E-mails also have an option to use a different sized, colored fonts, colored backgrounds, and themes.
  • SMS captures over the precious memory because they automatically store themselves up in either the phone memory or in any external memory objects like memory cards, hence reducing the amount of memory needed for other stuff. E-mails don’t require the memory of your pc or laptop but utilize the server’s memory to store themselves.
  • SMS are preferred over e-mails when it comes to having quick and long hours of conversation. Whereas, e-mails are preferred if the message to be delivered is long and there’s no cell phone connectivity between the two persons involved or the user doesn’t want to spend money on international SMS.
There’s no loser in SMS Vs e-mail. Both come in handy in different situations and both have their own individual charm that makes them two of the most used applications in the world.

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