Fun team games bring an instant smile to each one’s faces. Read this article to find out about the interesting team building activities that can be conducted.

Team Fun Activities

The word ‘game’ instantly brings fond memories, happy visions and pleasant thoughts of fun to our minds. Whether played individually or in a team, games never fail to bring laughter and smiles to everyone’s face. Games are all about fun, frolic, sportsmanship spirit, teamwork, hard work and dedication. They break down barriers and infuse confidence in each individual. And the best part is that you can always explore your creativity and modify the rules of the games to suit the needs of the group. It is always advisable to keep the rules of the games simple yet wacky so that people do not misunderstand or get bored. Complicated games tend to move the focus away from fun and make the whole exercise appear either too competitive or too boring. While conducting team games, make sure that all the participants are made to take part and the rules and regulations are articulated well enough for everyone to understand. Here are listed a few games that can be played easily in a group or team. Make sure that every single one in the team joins in and chips in their bit for maximum fun.
Team Building Activities
Quiz Contest
Depending upon the age group that you are handling, arrange a quiz contest and choose a topic like nature, science, history, sports etc. You could also make separate rounds with different topics for each round. Divide the group into teams and give points for every right answer. The point system brings in healthy competitiveness while the fun questions ensure a jolly time for all. A word of caution here would be to avoid making teams with more than 5-6 members. The whole point of a team game is for the team members to interact and this is easier when the group is smaller.
Mad Ads
Each one of us has noticed the wacky, snazzy and cool advertisements that are aired on T.V. You could incorporate these into your team building activity as well. Ask the teams to make ads for whacky imaginary products like flying shoes and upside down cycle etc. The ad which portrays maximum creativity, innovativeness, spark and imagination is declared the winner. You could also give a theme or an awareness slogan to work upon and create an ad. For additional fun, ask the team members to compose an ad jingle and make a logo as well. Don’t forget to keep time limits for the ads and invite the oldest member or the senior most position holder to acknowledge the winning team and hand over the gift to them.
Walking Billboards
This is by far the most popular concept. There is always a lot of talking behind the back that goes on everywhere. Here is a chance for you to change that to ‘talking in front’! Carrying a billboard and making others in the group write exactly what comes to their minds when they think of you is a good eye opener. But remember that ALL the pretentious and fake people write only good things and it takes a lot of courage and pluck to state the truth to a person’s face.
Dumb Charades/Pictionary
Dumb charades and Pictionary are instant hits amongst all age groups. Divide the group into teams and call any one person from one team at a time. Give that person some words, phrases, movie names or even songs to act out to his/her team. The person can alternatively draw the clues also and the team has to guess the words or phrase being enacted. Keep the time limits in mind and see the fun around. To make it even more interesting, invent levels like easy, medium and hard and keep increasing the difficulty level after every few rounds.
All the above mentioned games are team games and ensure fun for everyone in the group. Other fun team games include treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, passing the hula hoop, musical chair, tug of war, bingo etc. Use your imagination and you can also come up your own games to enjoy more!

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