Dating is never easy and what makes it harder are the dating rules for girls to brood over! Peep into this article for some dating tips for girls.

Dating Rules For Girls

Men and women equally enjoy dating and seeing members of the opposite sex quite contrary to the common misconception that only men dig dating. Just like men, some women perceive dating as a weekend pass time while others think of it as a way of exploring their romantic and seductive side and yet others take it all really seriously. If you are a younger woman (under the age of 25), it becomes all the more important for you to follow some simple etiquette and behaviour to impress and charm your date of the day. Men are neither too blind nor too deaf to notice your fakeness. They observe everything! Conducting yourself in a dignified and proper manner is the key to creating a good first impression. First dates are usually awkward; second ones are expectant and third ones decide the future of your love life. With the following article laying down all the major dating rules for you, a dating life is just around the next corner!
Dating Tips For Girls 
Dress To Impress
The first and foremost tip for girls who want a healthy dating life is to look your best! Take some time to groom yourself. Have a long relaxing shower, plan your hair, nails, make up and shoes well in advance. Never ignore footwear, as it forms an important part of a man’s judgment of you. Make him feel that you have dressed up especially for him. On the other hand, avoid over-dressing. Loud colours and bright (like neon!) dresses can be quite a turn off for your date.
Every Saint Has A Past, But You Have A Future
Your box of past personal tragedies is one of the things you’d want to leave behind at home, safely locked up! Involving your date in your problems would only be dating suicide. Talking of ex boyfriends, husbands and lovers will only make the current guy wonder what your real intentions are. Nobody wants to be a rebound! Remember, that you need to show him that you’ve moved on to a better life (which is him!).
Chivalry Is Not Dead
Allow your man to be a gentleman if he wants to. If he wants to praise, compliment and tease you a bit, let him do it. Don’t be overtly shocked if he holds out a chair for you or plays with your hair or even mentions the L-word. Love may not be the first thing on your mind but you need to give him a chance to portray his emotions. This way, even you will know if he is genuinely a nice guy or not. But beware of the emotional traps. Guys who commit to loving you on the very first date may not be the most mature or serious type. Indecision also comes when paying the bill comes into play. A man wants to show you that he can take care of you, so don’t fight for the bill unnecessary. Just ask once and if he refuses, give in and be happy!
Mystery Is Good
Don’t give away everything in the beginning. Pouring out your life history starting from kindergarten to recent break-up is not the best idea for communication — it will only bore him to death. You always want your date to think that you’re interesting, right? Then keep that element of mystery for him to figure out. Revealing your innermost feelings can come in consecutive dates, when you know that you have already overwhelmed him.
Drinking Leads To …
What can make a complete fool out of you? Getting drunk and unleashing it on him! Please do not drink so much that you don’t remember what you said or how you reacted to his words. Relationships depend upon respect and this is your moment to command some. Also, avoid going back to his place after the first date itself because if a guy has got everything he wants, he might not want you anymore! You need to be sure if you can relate to him or not before going any further. Hastiness hinders real feelings and leads to no more dates.

Above mentioned are some basic dating rules that can get you through the first few of your dates. Later, however, everything depends upon how he treats you and how you feel for him. Till you figure out your Mr. Perfect, here’s wishing you a marvelous dating life!

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