Sad but true, domestic abuse is rampant even in today’s progressive society. Given in this article are signs and symptoms that prove that a person is in an abusive domestic relationship.

Signs Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is something that is experienced not only in rural or backward homes, but also in the plush residences of our society. However, many a times, we do not even know that a person is being constantly subjected to violence and abuse, that too at his/her own home. This is mostly the case when the form of domestic abuse is only emotional in nature, and not physical. Some people are constantly tormented psychologically, which have far reaching ill effects on their health. However, it is the physical abuse that catches the attention of outsiders and makes them aware of the fact that the person is being subjected to domestic abuse. Anybody, from a child to a mother and sometimes, even a father, may be the subject of domestic abuse. The abused person should not be afraid though and immediately take the help of the law or other members in his/her family to put an end to the act. However, before this, a person should actually be aware as to whether or not, s/he is into an abusive relationship. In the following lines, we have provided some signs and symptoms that prove a person is in domestic abusive relationship.
Domestic Abuse Symptoms
Are you afraid of a certain person in your own family? This person could be anyone, your partner or parents or even your sibling. If you are constantly scared of committing a mistake in front of that person or are trying your best to avoid him/her at every point of time during the day, it is a sign that your relationship with that person is not healthy and is in certain ways abusive.
Low Self Regard
Do you think that you are to blame for all the mistakes which occur when that person is in front of you, in spite of subconsciously realizing the fact that it was that person who committed the mistake? If you are nodding your head up and down, know that your relationship with the person is not normal, for if it had been, you would have the guts to point out his/her mistakes. This sign shows that your relationship with the person has gone sour and is bordering towards being an abusive one.
Does any person within your family completely disregard your views and completely ignore you in front of outsiders to the point of embarrassment from your side? Does he/she make it a point to thwart all your opinions about personal and official matters? Does s/he take no notice of your existence and behave as if you are not there or your existence does not matter one bit? If yes, then you are in an abusive relationship.
Excessive Possessiveness
Does anybody within your family constantly monitor your daily routine, always checking and re-checking and confirming where you have been? Do you always have to take permission from that person whenever you step out of home in spite of the fact that you are a mature adult? While a certain amount of possessiveness is good and enhances relationship, extreme possessiveness is a sign of domestic abuse.
Forced Physical Intimacy
Is your partner violent during sex? Does he force you to sleep with him against your wishes? Are you afraid of being even touched by him? Do you dread sleeping beside him; lest he again hurts you physically while having sex? Do you have no say, whatsoever? This is a sure symptom of domestic abuse and violence in a relationship.
Sudden Anger Bouts
Is it difficult to predict the temperament of a person within your family? Does s/he gets angry with you at unexpected situations? Does s/he throws a violent fit whenever s/he is angry, often threatening to take away your life? If you have answered in the affirmative, you are definitely abused by him/her.
No Socializing
Do your parents prevent you from mingling with your friends? Does your partner stop you from socializing with other people, your close family members included? Are you not allowed to hangout with friends? Parents and partners who act jealous and possessive are, or may turn, abusive towards you, in future.
Stressed Out
Do you always feel stressed out? Are you nervous and under confident? Do you prefer to remain in your own world in spite of having friends? Then, you are surely a victim of domestic abuse. It is domestic abuse that has forced you to withdraw into your own cocoon.
Domestic abuse is something that should neither be practiced nor tolerated. Know the signs and symptoms and stop the vice as soon as possible.  

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