Drinking is common in parties, but many end up having severe hangover the following morning. As such, knowing how to recover from hangover is essential. Read on & bereft yourself from this condition.

How To Recover From Hangover

Had a rocking party last night? Did you gulp down some extra clean vodka shots all in the name of fun and frolic? With the doubling up of alcohol, the enjoyment too increased twofold as you started dancing, as if there were no tomorrow. Few songs later, you guzzled down some more glasses of the eclectic beverage, and were immediately transported to another world - a world where you were more comfortable in. All this continued until you thumped down on the dance floor. Instantly, your world was engulfed with darkness everywhere and you had no option but to close your eyes and fall asleep. While everything was high and soaring until late last night, today morning, you seem to be feeling down the drain with your head rolling, your vision blurry and your sense of self wobbly. As if these were not enough, you have a terrible headache that refuses to leave you, come what may. You feel a constant thump-thump on your head and wish for some magic to happen. “Please God, this was the last time” you repeat in your mind and wait for God to swish His magic wand and cure you of the ache. But nothing happens. You curse every one else, right the bar tender for giving you the drink to the host for organizing the party, except yourself. Had you given self control just a little bit of thought, you would not have had to face this awful condition. But know that all is not lost, for there are ways to heal you from the hangover and bring back the sanity. Check out ways to recover from hangover in the following lines.
Recovering From Hangover
  • Sleeping is the best remedy. So, don’t take off those blankets and switch on the light yet, if you are feeling all dizzy and woozy. Instead, have a sound sleep. This would greatly help you to recover from the effects of the drinks. 
  • Drinking more alcohol in no way cures hangover. Set the alcohol bottles aside and take out some healthy drinks. It becomes very necessary to hydrate yourself after the hangover. Therefore, drink lots of water and fruit juices. Coconut water is also preferred for fast recovery, as it contains electrolyte and potassium.
  • Ensure not to drink tea or coffee while you are suffering from a hangover, as they dehydrate the body even more. Your body is already dehydrated from last night’s alcohol intake; don’t dehydrate it further with caffeine.
  • If, in case, you are feeling hungry, peel a banana and have it. Banana contains potassium which helps in balancing fluids of body. It also helps in curing pains and brings the blood pressure back to normal.
  • Apart from banana, you can also eat foods which are rich in minerals such as fish, pickles, etc. In this condition, carbohydrates help in decreasing the headache. A person must opt for foods which are easy on the digestive system; as heavy food would distress the body system even more.
  • Vitamin also helps greatly in throwing away hangover faster. You can go for fruits offering high amount of vitamin or take vitamins supplements. Vitamin B6 cures the hangover by digesting the alcohol and letting it go out of the body. In the process, the body becomes toxins free. You can have a glass of orange or tomato juice if the supplements are not available. A hot vegetable soup also works wonders.
  • If you have the energy to do light/mild exercises, perform them as they would help in ejecting out the toxins you filled in your body last night.
  • Lying on the bed with the smell of alcohol coming out of your clothes, mouth, etc. will make you more sluggish. Therefore, to avoid this feeling, go for a relaxing shower. It would not only wake you up, but also make you quite fresh and clean.
  • Another way of relieving from hangover is sex. Sex comes out as a great drug in treating the hangover. It helps the body to eject out the toxins and engages the brain by giving pleasure.
These ways to recover from hangover will surely help you to get perfectly out of the side effects of the rocking alcoholic party you enjoyed last night.

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