If you are a guy and wish to know the opposite sex better, then this article should be amongst your top picks. Find out the top 50 things that girls wish guys knew.

50 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

Sometimes men are just clueless when it comes to understanding women. It’s not entirely your fault. After all, women like to maintain a little mystery to keep their men on their toes! We don’t blame you, but we do wish you would spend a little extra time at least trying to understand us. You may be one of the sweetest, most understanding men on the block, but if you don’t truly know where women are coming from, you aren't likely to get past the dating stage. If by some chance you have managed to put a ring on her finger, you must be doing something right! However, you probably still have a little to learn. Yes, she loves you, but it is because she loves you that she tolerates your obliviousness. Whether you are dating, married or still searching for the woman who will love you in spite of your ways, the following list has been comprised to help you better understand exactly what are the things girls wish guys knew. While women will undoubtedly remain a mystery to men, perhaps these tips will give you a little insight.


Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

  1. Let us know you like us. You can dream all day, but if you don’t tell the woman you’re dreaming about how you feel, you can just keep dreaming. We like a little initial flirting, but we will only wait so long before we decide flirting is all that is on your mind.
  2. Be the man. Contrary to what some men may believe, very few women actually want to be the initiator. We like to be pursued, so pursue us!
  3. Don’t sugarcoat it. Don’t dance around a subject or coat it in sweet, white lies in order to spare our feelings. While the truth might hurt, it will hurt worse when we find out you lied about it.
  4. Show us you think about us. Whether it’s a simple phone call from work or a note left on the table, let us know you think about us even when you can’t physically see us.
  5. Send us flowers. It may sound old-fashioned to you, but we love to get flowers. Mix it up a bit though. If you send us the same tired bouquet of roses every time we have an argument, something is lost in the sentiment. Surprise us and send a beautiful vase of wildflowers for no reason at all.
  6. Think for yourself. We get tired of having to hint that something needs to be done. Take some initiative and take care of things without being told. Even if it is something as simple as taking the trash out, do it before we bring it up.
  7. Speaking of household chores, we love it when you show your appreciation and help out a little around the house. It really lets us know you take notice of all we do if you pitch in to help out once in a while.
  8. Surprise us. While we don’t want to constantly wonder what you are going to do next, we like a little spontaneity. Take us on a surprise date to somewhere we have never been.
  9. Notice the small things. Pay attention to the things we like. Learn what our favorite flower is or what kind of coffee we like. Show us you care enough to take notice.
  10. Respect our interests. You may not like the same movies we do or understand why we like a certain activity, but don’t put those things down.
  11. Take some interest in our career. Whether we have a full time job outside the home or we are a full time wife and mommy, ask us about our day and take some interest in what we do for a living.
  12. Speaking of careers, don’t get so wrapped up in yours that you put it before us.
  13. We don’t consider sitting with you on the couch while you play video games quality time.
  14. If you notice other women, don’t let us see it. Keep it to yourself.
  15. If you are trying to catch our eye, flirting with other women will not make us jealous. It will only make us look somewhere else.
  16. We know you love your mother, and we want you to show appreciation for her. However, don’t compare us to her.
  17. For that matter, don’t compare us to anyone.
  18. Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriends unless we specifically ask.
  19. If you aren’t willing to go the extra mile to look like the heartthrob on our favorite soap opera, don’t expect us to look like a top model.
  20. Don’t let yourself go just because you know we will love you anyway.
  21. Open up to us. We know men typically don’t like to share their feelings, but it will earn you big points if you will. We won’t tell your friends.
  22. Listen to us. Don’t humor us and pretend you understand. Really listen and let us know that you heard what we said.
  23. Don’t try to solve all of our problems. Believe it or not, we don’t always want your advice. Sometimes we just need your shoulder to cry on.
  24. Don’t try to rescue us. If we need to be rescued, we will let you know.
  25. Chivalry is not dead. Men who open the door for ladies still exist. Be one of them.
  26. Never put down our family or close friends.
  27. Understand that we need a girl’s night out just as much as you need to spend time with the guys.
  28. Respect our space. Believe it or not, we don’t want to spend every waking moment with you.
  29. Treat all women the way you would want a man to treat your sister.
  30. Make us laugh. We would rather have a man who knows how to make us smile than one who goes to the gym every day but has no sense of humor.
  31. Tell us we’re beautiful even when we aren’t.
  32. Wipe the teardrops from our eyes when we cry.
  33. Bring us a cup of coffee or tea without asking if we want it. You should already know how we take it.
  34. It’s okay if you can’t dance, but at least hold us when the music plays.
  35. We love it when you can cry in front of us, but don’t cry more than we do.
  36. Make decisions. We definitely want to be consulted in the decision making process, but be man enough to step up and finalize that decision.
  37. If you talk the talk, walk the walk. Make sure your actions match your words.
  38. If you want to know something, ask us. Don’t fish around for an answer.
  39. Cuddle us.
  40. Laugh with us, but never at us.
  41. Defend us when someone puts us down or says something against us.
  42. Hold our hand. We love it when you do simple things to show you care.
  43. Ask us what we want to watch on TV tonight.
  44. We love taking walks with you.
  45. Kiss us on the cheek or forehead.
  46. Never forget our birthday.
  47. It is even worse if you forget our anniversary.
  48. Expect the unexpected. While this list is meant to help you understand us, understand that you will never completely understand us.
  49. Love us anyway.
  50. Finally, define the relationship. We understand that you may not always know this yourself, but tell us when you do. Don’t string us along if you have no intention of moving past a certain point in the relationship. We may not always want to go past that point either, but make sure we are on the same page.
The best of all, these are the things girls wish guys knew without having to tell them. So, consider these things even before you step forward towards your woman!

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