Self confidence is something that keeps you going in every condition. Check out some self-confidence building tips that will help you understand how you can go about infusing the same in your being.

How To Build Self Confidence

You have an important presentation the following day and due to the same, you aren’t able to sleep well all through the night. Result - you oversleep in the morning and end up waking late. You start rushing past your daily chores, tipping here and fidgeting there to get things straight. As if this weren’t enough, you have a bad hair day and you instantly get conscious about your looks. You know that you are definitely not looking your best. Keeping that aside, you pick up a slice of bread and rush towards the bus depot, barely managing to catch your bus. In the bus, you again go through the presentation. Though you are reading the same for a hundredth time, you still don’t feel confident enough as to whether or not can you deliver it right. Throughout the journey, you are restless in your stomach (for just a slice of bread isn't enough) and your thoughts, as your mind still lingers around what if all goes wrong? You reach the office with just a few minutes to spare before the meeting. As you walk down the lobby toward the board room, you collide with the cleaning staff. Your files spread on the floor, you shout at the worker for crossing you at the wrong time and walk towards the meeting room.
After the initial greetings, you start off with the presentation but nothing goes as planned. You are constantly stammering and forgetting your lines. Your pen falls down a couple of times and you realize that you are sweating profusely, as if you were at a sauna. To add cherry on the cake, the expression of the people whom you are giving the presentation tells you that not a single thing has made sense to them. You come home and add the day to long list of bad days in your life. Lying on bed, you start rewinding the entire day and start thinking what went wrong, but are clueless. To make matters simpler for you, try thinking how the day would have been had you been confident and positive about your capabilities. Definitely, it would have been poles apart from what it had been. Self confidence is an important ingredient of your personality which helps you standout in every situation of life. Wondering how to build the same? Don’t worry for help is at hand. Herein listed are some self confidence building tips for your guidance.
Building Self Confidence
Feel Good About Yourself
First things first – feel good about yourself for it is the most important factor that contributes to your self confidence. The world judges you by the way you judge yourself. How can you imagine people to lionize you, if you feel ashamed of yourself? Don’t regret your past; it was yesterday and would never come back. Don’t spoil your present and future for it. Enjoy the way God has created you; overlook your faults and weaknesses and find the unique qualities and strength that make your different from crowd. Focus on them and fortify them. Every morning stand before the mirror and give your best smile. It has been scientifically proven that when you feel good about yourself, you boost your self confidence. Remember the adage, “World sees you the way you see the world”.
Have A Pleasing Personality
Always maintain a smile; it increases the beauty of your face. However, avoid excessive or unnecessary smiling and laughing, it can give people an impression that you have escaped from a mental asylum. Look at people with confidence and maintain a good eye contact. Don’t look down while talking, unless you have done something wrong or owe the person something. Maintain a good eye contact when you talk with people. Remember, nobody is perfect and each of us has our share of problems. But a person who believes in himself knows how to resolve matter and rise even after falling down. Note down that a confident person can get away with anything.
Maintain A Healthy Body
Maintaining hygiene and a healthy body is one of the basic steps for building self confidence. Wondering how? Regular bathing and cleaning removes out the sluggish feeling from the body, making you feel fresh both, physically and mentally. If you are too fat or too thin, you feel conscious about it, which is definitely not good for your self confidence. Being overweight slows your reflexes and makes your movements slow. If you are too plump, you, knowingly or unknowingly, constantly abate your self confidence. Again being too thin makes you look undernourished and diseased. Maintain a proper body weight along with hygiene and watch your self confidence soar high.
Dress Appropriately
Remember dressing plays a very important role in enhancing or demeaning someone’s personality. You feel the way you dress. If you don’t believe us, recollect the day when you had put on a trendy dress that you bought from a high-end store. There was charisma in your eyes and you automatically felt good and confident. You knew you were looking handsome/ gorgeous and that proved when people started complimenting you. Even passer-bys could not stop admiring you. Keep in mind, that when you dress neatly and put on good clothes, you involuntarily uplift your confidence.
Maintain Good Posture And Movements
You must have seen the way celebrities and famous personalities move or stand. Their movements itself reflects their self confidence. Sometimes you wonder for the secret of their charming personality and magnetic aura. Know that the only difference between you and them is self confidence. The way you walk and move reflects your confidence. A confident man walks swiftly and quickly, he is sure of his goals and appointments. Avoid walking with slumped shoulders, it represents that you are under high debts and even mortgaged your kidneys. Try to walk with a moderate pace with confidence. You need not to sprint; you are not chased by police for molesting someone.
Respect & Compliment Others
Remember respect is what you get if you pay it. People love the person who respects others and their rights. This gives the person a healthy image in the society. Compliment your friends and colleagues on their small accomplishments and appearance. Everybody likes to be complimented, don’t be stingy in giving it. Nobody will scold you or feel bad if you compliment. It will only boost your rapport with others and they will start liking you. This would wash away the fear of being abhorred or neglected. This would again augment your confidence level as you will start feeling accepted and loved.
Have Some Principles To Stand By
Remember all the great people in world had something to stick onto, they had their principles that they followed in even the most adverse conditions of life. Your principles make you different from the crowd; a person without principles is like flowing water. It has no direction and no course; it flows wherever there is space. Such people have no direction in life and change their opinions the way they change clothes. As such, it is very important to have principles in life. In bad times, these principles will motivate and encourage you. It is the values and strength of these principles that make a man confident.
Hope these self confidence tips help you in reinstating your self worth and look at the world with a different perspective. After all, life is all about learning and trying!

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