There are certain rules that women need to follow to have a healthy dating life! View this article in detail to read some of the rules on women dating.

Dating Rules For Women

Ville Valo once said – “Women are always beautiful”. They were created by the same God who brought men into existence. But such was His creativity that men and women can almost never think alike. Hence, the confusion on what appeals to the menfolk arises and that’s where this article comes into picture. There are certain rules, or more appropriately, etiquette that women need to follow to maintain self-respect and yet show her interest in a male. These regulations are not meant to suit all in their original state and every female can mould them with her own flair and style to suit her needs more appropriately. There is a certain conduct that women need to follow before going on a date, while on the date and after your partner pays (hopefully!). It is obviously wise to revise in the rules in your head to avoid mistakes. One of the cardinal dating rules for women that cannot go without mentioning is to look great but never look overdone! But that’s not it! This article gives you several rules to follow both when going on a date with the hot guy or even a blind date!
Top Dating Rules For Women
Accept Compliments
A dateable woman is one who flaunts her best and knows how to accept compliments! Don’t look surprised if a guy showers you with compliments. You like fishing for them anyways! Responding with a simple ‘thank you’ and blushing will do the trick. Never argue or debate the compliment and at the same time going into details of how you selected the dress and how you always loved is also a bad idea on a date. If you think being opinionated will make him think you’re intelligent, think again! Complying with him when he compliments you will only show how comfortable you are with yourself. Don’t linger on the compliment too much also – after acknowledging the compliment, move on!
Smile, Smile, Smile
Look, seem and be happy, even if you are not. Loving yourself just like how you want someone else to goes a long way in relationships. Men are always drawn and attracted to women who look content and have positive vibes oozing out of them! A woman who can portray her excitement as much as she really feels is definitely going to drive men crazy. Positivity only makes men love you more. Focus on happy thoughts rather than on the sad ones.
Commitment Issues  
Golden rule for first dates: Never, never discuss or mention the word commitment! Do not even get lured into mentioning it on your first date! Okay, so you have brought it up, now what? Don’t worry! Continue talking about something else as if it was not worth being discussed. See, you need to understand that men will be men. They can’t even commit to watching a TV show for 10 minutes at a stretch and you want them to commit to you for life on the first date – scary proposition! Take your time and see if he is even worth considering for the long run. Don’t rush!
Never A Female Desperado  
One of the most important rules to maintain a level of conduct and command desired respect from your date is never to come across as being too available. You might just be super desperate but you can’t let him know that. Chasing men and talking about how you want to be with him forever, is literally dating suicide. Men like that little bit of suspense and mystery in their girl. But make sure you don’t push the mystery factor too far or your guy might just write you off as uninterested or worse, weird. Try to cultivate a healthy dating life and keep your reputation pristine!
Emotional Baggage
This is one kind of a baggage you never want to carry along! Talking about your ex husband, fiancé or lover can only mean two things – either you are hung up or still furious at being dumped. Your new man would like to carefully leave out any other options and not like you so much after this. Coming onto him with no strings attached is the best way.
This article has listed some basic rules of dating that every woman must follow in order to find the man of her dreams! Stick to these and make some for yourself depending upon the experiences you’ve had and then play the game with precision! Success shall be yours dear friend!

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