If you feel the ghost of loneliness following and haunting you wherever you go, read this article and learn about how to cure loneliness.

Cure For Loneliness

In the dead silence of the night, it comes unannounced and stands at our doors. Without knocking, it invites itself in and stays with us. Quite like the ghost that nobody wants but has to be dealt with. Equally haunting, it comes and shakes us off the feet and leaves us questioning “is it really here?” We don’t believe it at first but feel the queerness building up around us. We think about telling somebody but decide against it. “Who’d believe us” we say to ourselves. We shed off the feeling but slowly, it starts to make its presence felt. Grabbing us by the throat and after giving a few scares, it leaves, but not without leaving us flabbergasted and with a feeling of wanting to break-free. It now comes even at the most unexpected hours and sits with us. With discomfort and a look of being scared, we try to carry on with our routine while repeatedly saying “nothing” to the question of “what’s wrong?” being asked by people around us. We still don’t know what to say. It now walks beside us in the crowd, invisible but leaving visible effects on our faces. Having lost the ability to add words to our thoughts, we start to feel deserted and abandoned, with no one for company but this invisible ghost. With hesitancy, we ask its name; “Loneliness”, it whispers back in the dead chill of the air. We want to get rid of this loneliness and be free but don’t know how. This article will tell how to cure loneliness.
Ways To Cure Loneliness
Crux Of The Matter
To begin with, dissect through the membranes of reason and try reaching the crux of it all. What allowed the feeling of being lonely to enter your surroundings to live with you? And what is it that makes this feeling turn hostile. Is it the recent breakup? Is it the splitting of your parents? Losing your best friend? Whatever it is, find it out.
Be A Busy Bee
Now that you’re one with the reason, try your best to not fall into that feeling again, by either changing the thought processes or by keeping yourself busy. Engage yourself in some household chore, put on the music and start dancing. Watch a movie, call up your friend, go out and meet some friends, or engage yourself in some social activity of sports or charity.
The Balancing Act
While the above step is helpful, it can also be addictive. Don’t allow yourself to be addicted to the social activities or meeting up friends every time you start to feel lonely. You’ll have to strike a balance between dealing with the loneliness internally and externally. Learn to smile even in the loneliest moments of the day. Without this ability and balance, you’ll only end up being a nuisance.
Blurt It Out
Try talking to a close friend or a family member and discuss your feelings. If being separated from your best friend is what brought you in this spot, then try mending things in between the two of you. Open your heart to him/her and let out all what you feel from deep inside. Sometimes, this is all you need — to be able to bring your feelings out in the open and freeing yourself from the curse.
Be Positive
Merge your surroundings with positivity, whether at home or office. A simple change of scenery can garner positive energy into the surrounding. You may also like to bring in some of that positivity into your thought processes. Take up yoga, or laughter yoga (even better) for that matter. Meditate regularly on the name of whoever you believe in. It’ll help for sure!
These ways to cure loneliness are like exorcism to drive out that unwanted spirit of loneliness away from you.

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