Ever wondered how to attract a Leo? Here are some tips on attracting a Leo. Explore more about Leo by reading the whole article.

How To Attract A Leo

Leos love to live in style and are highly generous. As Leo represents lion, people under this sign have all the qualities of this majestic animal. As lions love to be the center of attraction, similarly the people belonging to this group love to be noticed by all. They are generally extroverts and love social gatherings and mingling with people. Leos like to dominate and they always demand respect from everybody they come across in their daily life. The most important thing about Leos is that they are sentimental and in their weaker times, they need to be cuddled like kittens. They never say no to people whom they know well and treat them generously. You can trust always trust a Leo – they never disappoint their loved ones. To summarise, Leo people are generous, warmhearted and creative; enthusiastic, broad minded and faithful; loving yet bossy, dominating, and intolerant. This is Leo for you! If you have your eyes set on one then the following section is a must-read for you! 

Attracting A Leo

  • You can always win over anyone under this sign by paying attention, unceasing compliments and showing them that you are completely and hopelessly awed by their persona. If you really feel that way, then you are in but if you don’t, then try not to fake it – lions hate lies.
  • There is another way to make an impression on a Leo: be funny. They have a fine sense of humor and love to be entertained.
  • Attracting Leo is easy: they always want to be praised! So, give them an ego boost and keep praising them.
  • Leos love surprises! So, surprise them with new and refreshing things every now and then. It’s their mission to enjoy life to the fullest by being open to new and fresh ideas and they expect you to do the same. So do it!
  • Leos enjoy grandeur! Treat them to lavishness and see them fall head over heels for you. Dinners in upscale restaurants or high-class cultural events – treat them to the best. They love all that is posh.
  • Leo needs a partner, who is passionate about everything in life and strives for the best. They love posh setting and luxurious gifts. A chilled bottle of wine and fresh flowers are the perfect start to attract a Leo.
  • They always tend to brag! Their articulate tall tales may strike you as unbelievable but mind you! Don’t you dare laugh at them or contest their obvious exaggerations. They have a sensitive side complicated by their inflated egos.
  • Don’t show jealousy at all of the attention they receive. They feel it is their due to be at the center of all parties. All that attention will not make your Leo unfaithful. So, let them feel that they are the king/queen of the event and they will be happy to share the throne with you.
  • They easily get attracted to people who have a strong personality like they do, but be careful, Leos tend to get off from relationships that lack love and novelty. So, always make them feel loved and don’t forget to keep the love fresh.
  • To attract Leo, wear the colours that appeal to their proud and royal nature. Gold, yellow or any royal color would be a good choice!
These are a few ways to attract a Leo. Apart from these, try to know the Leo that you are dealing with and strike up intelligent conversations every now and then. They love brainy people. But, remember the Leo pride and don’t try to defeat them at their game – even if you do manage that feat, be humble or these lions won’t take time in striking you off their good books!

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