Are you looking for ways to pull the plug on your nail biting habit? If yes, explore this piece on nail biting cures.

Nail Biting Cure

Biting nails is a habit that millions across the world suffer from. It usually assails one in childhood and can continue till early adulthood if left untreated. The sight of someone busy nibbling his or her nails can be quite unseemly. It makes them feel embarrassed and also makes you think twice before shaking hands with them.  This habit is usually overcome by the age of twenty, but sometimes it continues well beyond that. Biting nails usually points to something more serious.  It can be a reflection of stress and anxiety faced by the individual who unconsciously resorts to this habit. The consequences can be more serious than simply rendering your nails hideous and causing bleeding. Nail biting can trigger serious health problems such as chronic stomach infections, food poisoning and even cancer. Even oral hygiene is affected leaving you with bleeding gums and a bruised throat. Worse, the nail bed may completely disappear from your fingers. Habits die hard, but with self-control and patience you can surely bid adieu to this nasty habit. Read on to know how to stop nail biting.

How to Stop Nail Biting

  • Substitute your fingers with mints, gums or candies whenever you have the urge to bite your nails.
  • Paint your nails with nail polish. There are specially formulated nail polishes available in pharmacy stores which are colorless and bitter to taste which can be used by men as well. Also, freshly painted fingernails serve as reminders not to bite your nails.
  • Be self-indulgent and go for regular manicures. They keep your nails trimmed and smooth making them look attractive. The sight of beautifully filed nails usually discourages women from biting their nails and making them ugly once again.
  • You tend to unconsciously bite your nails while watching television or whenever your hands are free. Keep them busy by involving in activities like painting or writing and giving yourself a creative vent.
  • Using acrylic nails that are made of synthetic materials is a good idea. Acrylic nails can be used to cover up your natural nails till they become fully grown in two to three weeks time. Till then, make conscious habits to quit the habit. Do not wear acrylic nails for a long time as they can damage your natural nails.
  • If high stress levels make you frustrated more often, try relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, hypnosis, massages or exercises to improve your mental health.  Learning to relax can help you build self-control.
  • You can use gloves to serve as a barrier between your fingernails and your mouth. This can be useful when you are sitting at home or driving the car. It becomes necessary to remove your gloves before biting your nails allowing you to pause and think about it and then make a conscious decision.
  • Make it a point to cut your nails regularly so that you keep them short enough to be left with nothing to bite on. This can snap you out of the habit in no time.
  • Rub a spicy food ingredient like lemon juice, cayenne pepper or hot sauce under your nails. The strong smell will make you conscious of your habit and deter you from biting your nails.
  • Carrying a small stress ball in your pocket can help you with quitting nail biting. You can squeeze the stress ball whenever you begin feeling nervous or anxious.
  • It is motivating to set goals and reward yourself on succeeding. Start with easy goals such as abstaining for a few hours from biting your nails and gradually work up to extended periods of time.
 Any habit takes a long time to get rid of completely.  With the help of aforementioned nail biting cures, you can figure out what works best for you and bid a sweet farewell to this unpleasant habit.

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