Several people require help while writing a profile! Read some of the tips on how to write a profile.

How To Write A Profile

Describing your background, qualification, strengths and interests can be more difficult than it seems! Whether you are writing your profile for an online website, for marriage, as a resume for a job or just introducing yourself to another person, the basic content remains the same. First impressions are important in this case too! The better your profile is, the better chances there are of interviewers, friends or recruiters responding to this. A personal profile is like a scrapbook of events in your life. So, it is important you include everything and yet, keep it short and sweet. Time consuming and boring profiles will only lead to negativity. The concept of writing a profile is to write in a manner that people would be interested to read and hence get to know the writer well. There are certain guidelines and tips that one needs to follow with respect to writing and giving others a chance to read your profile. Read on to find out how!
Tips On Writing A Personal Profile
  • Even if you are writing an online profile, it is better to pen down your thoughts on paper. Make a list of all the points first.
  • Inefficient profiles are those where the author writes every single detail about himself/herself and that makes the attempt vain! Condense and prioritize what you think you want the reader to understand about you. Before submitting it, evaluate it and think if you would want to read your own profile.
  • Projecting a positive attitude is the key! For example if you are writing a matrimonial ad in search for a partner, it is better that you say what qualities you want rather than what you don’t want.
  • The use of adjectives is extremely important too. Instead of beating around the bush, use single describing words to clearly state what you want to convey. Instead of saying, “I am a person who is full of life and energy”, you can simply say, “I am a cheerful person”. Even better would be, don’t state what you ‘are’; show the reader what you are ‘about’ by the style and nature of your writing. Use short sentences. When a sentence is dragged on forever, a reader’s mind might get distracted and wander off. Getting to the point is crucial.
  • A good headline is one that always stands out from the rest of the profile. To be different from the rest clearly gives you a head start. If you like, find someone else’s profile that you like and without copying it, try to take ideas and implement them into your own personal profile.
  • Be realistic in your goals in your resume. Don’t tell the reader about some dream that you had and want to carry out. What you want to seek is some similarity or compatibility or interest from the one reading it. No one has the time for all that you want to do in life! Represent yourself boldly without going off course.
  • Photos in a profile generate interest too. The reader almost feels like he can connect with you on this level. Again, it depends on what the profile is for. Don’t appear shy or unsure of yourself. A bold and confident approach is always better.
  • Don’t use your profile to preach! There are some people who assume that their resume is a mode of communication and where they can convert all their thoughts into writing. This does not give desired vibes.
These are some of the tips on how to write a profile for whatever reason it maybe. Don’t read too much now and get writing!

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