Pump up some fun in your boring office activities with these creative team-building games. For interesting ideas on creative team building exercises, read on.

Team Building Games

Is your team stressed out? Do off-site meetings, team building events and conferences revolve around dumb, boring, and uneventful drills? If yes, then it’s time to get out of the rut and instill some zeal in your team with these creative team building activities. Doing so won’t just get your team members to have some fun away from the office, but will also pep up their spirits and keep them engaged in the best possible way. The best thing about these creative team-building exercises is that apart from allowing the team to have fun, it also helps boost teamwork, develop communication skills, and bring out leadership qualities among team members. Creative team building activities are action-packed ways to enforce zeal within a team, lower their stress and have fun. Try these team building games next time you are out on some team building activity and your team is sure to discuss it for a long time to come.
Creative Team Building Games
Face Game 
This team building game is all about communicating and interpreting facial gestures efficiently. You can kick-start this activity with a group of 5-10 people. Assign a leader to each group to make the execution of the exercise easy.  Ask the members to think of an emotion and jot it down on a paper and collect all the paper chits in a box. Now ask each member to randomly pick a chit from the box and express the emotion mentioned on it. The rest of the members in the team will have to guess the emotion correctly. Apart from understanding different facial expressions, this team building activity will help the team members to open up and communicate efficiently.
Picture Pieces Game 
This fun and interactive team game is a great way to check how a team undertakes a challenge. It is also a great way to check their coordination and level of understanding. This task is all about putting together jumbled pieces of a large cutout. You can use any picture or a sketch and cut it into different shapes. Hand out the jumbled pieces to the team members along with the original copy of the picture.  Now ask the members to collate the pieces to complete the picture. Not only will this game test the coordination among team members, but it will also foster feelings of team participation.
Stress Exercise 
The stress exercise is one of the best ways to test how a team handles stress. To conduct this exercise, you will need a group of 8-10 members.  This game is all about passing a ball randomly from one player to another. The team members need to be alert to grab the throw. With time, the circulations increase. As the speed increases, stress and chaos within the team amplifies. This creative team building exercise is the best way to improve team coordination and test their temperament.
Tug Of War 
This is a totally fun and creative team game. Just divide the members of your team into two teams. The rules of this game are the same as the traditional tug-of-war, which is to beat the opponent team by pulling the rope the hardest. This exercise plays up on the importance of interaction, teamwork and communication.
These creative team-building games apart from being fun, play up on core values like cooperation, coordination and team spirit as well. Try these games with your team and have a blast.

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