Group discussions are all about debating on almost any topic that exists under the sun. Explore this article for interesting ideas on group discussion activities.

Group Discussion Activities

When you are asked to climb the ladder of success, group discussions just happen to be a part of the trek to the top. They may come in various forms and in various situations. From getting a seat in a good college to landing a plum job, being a part and parcel of a group discussion is almost inevitable. Luckily for you, you may not always have to be at the receiving end of group discussions. As you climb the ladder of success, you will get the opportunity to call the shots in a group discussion. When you do get such an opportunity, it is only normal to hit a dry spot or run out of ideas for group discussion activities. Here, it is not really a must assume that the black sky is falling down; instead, it would make for better sense to hunt for the silver lining in the black cloud. Here’s presenting three extremely useful ideas on group discussion activities.
Ideas On Group Discussion Activities
Limitless Listing 
This group division activity is all about dividing a large group into smaller sub-groups and taking it from there. You can begin by first zeroing in on a very sensible topic or one that revolves around current affairs. You can then go on to ask a few sub groups to list down points in favor of the topic, while the rest of the sub groups can be asked to list down points that go against the topic. Amongst a group, no one point should be repeated. However, it is absolutely alright if a few points of one group overlap with the points of another! Once the points are all listed down, each group can present their case and a general group discussion can be initiated!
Staying True 
Sometimes, it is not always a must to stay away from the ordinary and the overdone. It surely can pay to ‘stay true’ to the time tested methods of group discussions. You can begin by giving the whole group a single topic. Once you are done doing this, you can proceed to distribute the group into two large sub groups and go on to ask one group to speak in favor of the topic, while the other can speak against the same. Be warned, this may lead to a lot of commotion as each one makes stupendous efforts to make him or herself heard. However, with a little firmness, restoring order back in the group shouldn’t be a problem.
Pin Drop Silence 
There’s a very unique group discussion activity and it’s not about speaking. It, in fact, is about listening a lot more than you would speak. Here’s how it is all put together. Give the target group of people a topic and give them some time to mull over it. Once the stipulated time is done with, choose two or three people and ask them to speak on the topic, while the others do nothing but listen. Once the selected people are done speaking, choose three more and ask them to talk about what they just heard and also share their own opinions. This can go on until it has created a snowball effect or in other words until everyone has got their chance to speak! 

For best results with the above mentioned ideas on group discussion activities, feel free to go ahead and try out the same. Here, it is important to remember to try out each and every activity with a sense of discretion.

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