Group activities for seniors are essential in curbing their loneliness and ensuring their healthy being. Read below for a few fun group activities for elderly people.

Senior Group Activities

Old age, for some, can be the time to rest and relax in the bosom of the family, while for others, especially those without family, old age means living in the sad confines of an old age home. Wherever though the elderly may live, one thing that is certain is that time will hang in their hands. People pass their most energetic and useful phase of their life after which they hit old age. As a result, at old age, they find that there is nothing that they can do or help, thereby falling into the pit of depression. So, in order to make the elderly feel secure and also to boost their mental and physical health, it is very necessary that they be involved in certain activities and that too not alone, but in a group. In a group, elders feel more confident as almost all of them are of their own age group, and they can do any activity not only to have a good time, but also to contribute to society in any measure. Senior group activities are the best way in which elderly people can pass their time. These activities would not only keep them engaged, but also ensure that they make good use of their time, driving out loneliness and bolstering companionship among them. Read below for such group activities for seniors.
Group Elderly Activities
Book Club
The twilight of life is the last chance to catch up on a bit of reading and a majority of seniors would enjoy spending their time reading. And when the reading becomes a community initiative like a book club, then it becomes all the more exciting. A group of seniors can form an exclusive book club meeting either every day or two to three times a week. Discussing books and current events, reading to a group or even enacting scenes from the books is an engaging activity with which seniors can have a stimulating time. They can also remember their young days by reading those books that they had enjoyed as youths.
As a group, seniors can become a potent force and can work towards the betterment of the community. Seniors can set up collection centers which they can then donate to organizations working for the underprivileged. Since they have time and loads of experience, they can also volunteer their services in diverse ways like part-time teachings, cooking or stitching clothes, packaging and arranging supplies for the needy. There are a number of charitable organizations in every town which are always in need of a few more hands. Participation of the seniors would bring in experience and ensure smooth working of such organizations. The more adventurous of the seniors can even set up their own charity organizations at the community level.
Seniors need to stay at top shape. However, at this time of their life, they are more prone to weaknesses and diseases. And what better way to fight off the health issue than to exercise. However, instead of the singular or individual workout sessions, group exercises are always more attractive for seniors. Seniors can go to any park for a yoga session or try out aqua-aerobics in a community pool. As a group, seniors will be more likely to workout their body and mind. They can also learn meditation techniques and indulge in light games. Such a fitness regimen for the day can always be ended with a healthy and organic breakfast or lunch. The benefit of group fitness programs, especially for seniors, is that they don’t feel out of place and also enjoy the camaraderie among them.
Theme Party
It is a mistake to assume that seniors don’t love to party. They won’t, however, enjoy a party where the floor is filled up with the young and the glamorous. Throw a bunch of seniors together and with good music and wine they will party for as long as they can. The best is, of course, to organize theme parties for seniors. A movie night is a very good option. Showing their favorite movies of bygone eras will keep them enthralled. Even a musical night, where each of the seniors gets to croon their tune is excellent. The trick which needs to be followed is that the theme of the party should be according to the taste of the seniors.

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