While you are busy having a blast with these fun team games, you’ll definitely notice a positive change in your group after you’re done.

Fun Team Games

There are three ways of promoting a spirit of belongingness in a team. First, ordering the team to stick together through Hitlerism. Second, having different teams face each other through hard-core competitive activities. Third, by letting the teams have fun through games without having to seriously focus on the competitive spirit, while reaping the benefits of team spirit nonetheless. The first way is now dead and buried with its initiator; the second probably builds in the team spirit but disrupts the harmony by and large. As such, we are left with only one category — the category of fun. But don’t you think that this method is way better than the other two categories. Whosoever said team building is a serious business and to whoever who believed it – that is not the case. It is true that it is a serious business, but it doesn’t have to be dealt with such seriousness; lest it turns into stressfulness. Sometimes, the most demanding of things require nothing but fun while our subconscious does the rest. So, whether you’re looking to build a strong team bonding at work, school or college, or just looking for some fun games to indulge in with friends, these fun team games are there to help you. Read on.
Fun Team Activities
The question “if this is the most fun team game” is debatable. But there’s no denying the fact that it is definitely the hilarious of the lot. It is a word or phrase guessing game in which one player uses the physical language rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to its team members. Divide the teams and award one point for every right guess. The team which first scores 5 or 10 points will be declared the winner. You’ll be surprised by the hilarity that ensues.
Laser Tag or Paintball
Okay, this time there’s no denying the fact that this is the most fun and enjoyable team game. It is a game through which the one team tries to eliminate members from the other team by tagging them through infrared guns (laser tag) or by shooting them with paintballs that are loaded in the guns (paintball). It can be played both indoors and outdoors and uses a war-like scenario; with hiding places and wireless communication. The game requires designing a strategy backed up by excellent hand-eye coordination.
The Tummy Ha-Ha Game
Danger! 440 Volts of tummy hurting laughter! The tummy ha-ha game is designed to improve the team’s bonding through physicality and infectious laughter. It requires a circle to be formed with each person’s head pressed against another person’s tummy. After the circle has been formed, the first person says “ha”, the second says “ha-ha”, and so on. The motive is to increase the “ha” limit without breaking into laughter, which at that moment seems the most difficult thing to do. It’s like dropping a drop of blood in front of a vampire.
Hit It Game
Let’s hit it! Gather all the household utensils and other items that can be beaten without breaking them. Now hand out two spoons in each member’s hands and let him/her explore his/her musical senses. It requires each member to play one utensil in unison with rest of the team and come up with some ear pleasing tune. It calls for excellent coordination skills. If possible, give the team enough time to practice and let them come prepared with the melody on the final date. Make it competitive by having a few teams and handing out a prize or trophy to the team that comes up with best performance.
In addition to these games, there’re many more fun team games like Multi Tug of War with 4-5 ends instead of just two, play enactment that calls for teams to come with a play and compete, sporting games like soccer, football, hockey, cricket, and baseball, and many others.

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