Garnish your food and see the difference in people’s reactions when you serve them! With this article, explore some food garnishing tips.

Food Garnishing

Traditionally it was believed that food that is cooked well is always good to eat, but not anymore though. Agreed, a super delicious dish will be well accepted, but a visually appealing moderately tasty dish with be even more acknowledged. Presentation today is a very important part of life and this rule applies to food as well. Garnishing to food is what makeup is to woman, it provides the necessary touch to make the food look appealing and attractive! Though garnishing of your daily diet is not a necessity, well garnished food at parties makes the food even more appetizing and tempting. As a matter of fact, garnishing can be done not only for parties but also for children who refuse to eat the regular food that is served to them at home. Following a few simple steps will give you garnished food and also save you from the hassles involved in feeding your kid! Read on to know how to garnish food.
How To Garnish Food
Milk Chocolate Shapes
Both young and old loves chocolate. To make milk chocolate shapes, you need a bar of milk chocolate, shortening, metal spatula, baking dish and a cutter. Cut the chocolate into fine shreds and mix with shortening. Put the mixture in hot water to melt. The melted chocolate is placed on a baking dish to cool till hard. The process cannot be done through refrigeration, a normal cool temperature is required so that it does not become too hard. Cut out shapes from the hard chocolate using the cutter. Place the chocolate shapes on each serving of cake or on any other dessert and just notice the smile on everybody’s faces.
White Chocolate Drizzle
Sometimes brown chocolate garnishing does not look good if your dessert is brown in color. In this case you can opt for white chocolate. To make white chocolate drizzle, melt a bar of white chocolate. Place the melted chocolate inside a re-sealable plastic packet and make a tiny hole on one end of the packet. Squeeze out the melted white chocolate on a brownie, chocolate ice cream or black forest cake. White chocolate complements dark chocolate and tastes lovely together.
Citrus Fruit Shapes
Citrus fruits add a tangy flavor and are appealing to the eyes. They are not only used to decorate drinks but also several dessert dishes. Make sure that your fruit is not spotted and is not too ripe. Cut thin round slices from the fruit and further cut them into half. Now slowly cut along the sides of the fruit to separate the peel from the pulp. Cut slowly and carefully to remove only half of the peel from the body of the fruit piece. Now hold the loose end of the peel and curl it inside. You can use these citrus fruit shapes to decorate a glass of juice or water or your salad.
Carrot Twirls
Carrots are a great vegetable for garnishing because of their color. To make carrot twirls, you need to peel the skin of carrots and chop off its two ends. Now cut out thin slices from the carrot so that you can roll the slices. After twirling the slices, fix it with a toothpick and place the twirled pieces in freezing cold water. Remove these pieces after about an hour to find that the carrots have taken the curled up shape. Remove the toothpick. Place the twirls over rice, a bowl of soup or on your salad.
Bell Pepper Decorations
Bell peppers add color and hence, are frequently used for garnishing food. Since bell pepper has a naturally uneven round design, you can cut it in rings for decoration. Use a sharp knife to make circular cuts in the bell pepper, while holding it in upright position on a chopping board. When the cuts are made, remove the stem and scoop out the seeds. Now place the bell pepper sideways and separate the different rings. Use these on salads or noodles.  
During food garnishing, be careful about placing the objects, after all, it is the presentation that counts.

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