Are you looking for some fun group games? If yes, then read through this article to get to know a few enjoyable group games.

Fun Group Games

Group games are not only a great way to get to know people you aren’t too familiar with, but can be fun and electrifying as well. Group games can be played both indoors and outdoors with friends and family members. Whether you are out camping, or planning a team building activity for your office colleagues, fun group games are always a hit! Above all, these group games are not only meant for kids or teenagers, but individuals of all ages can take part in them and have a blast. Group games are also icebreaker activities at social events and public gatherings. Some of the all time favorite group games include “Dumb Charades”, “Treasure Hunt Games”, “Who Am I”, “Ghost In The Graveyard”, "Blind Makeover Game", "Board Games", “Musical Chair”, “Wobbly Broomstick”, “Giant, Wizard, And Elves”, and many more.  If you are interested to learn more about these fun group games, then keep reading through the next section. 

Fun Group Activities

Tell Three Things
Ask each of the participants to write three things about him/herself. Two should be ‘true’ while one will be a ‘lie’. After everyone has written three things, each person will read aloud what he/she has written. Now the others have to guess which one is the ‘lie’.

Musical Chair
Musical chair is not only popular among kids, but adults can enjoy the game as well. To play this game, arrange chairs in a circle in such a way that one chair is less than the total number of participants. Now play some fast music in the background and ask the participants to walk around the chairs while the music is on. As soon as the music stops, each of the participants has to occupy one chair. The participant who cannot occupy a chair is out of the game. In the second round, remove one more chair and repeat the same. The game continues until just two players are left with only one chair to occupy. At the end, the player who fails to grab a chair is eliminated and the last player to occupy the chair is the winner!

Spoon Race
Divide the participants in two groups and instruct one group to form a line behind the other. The first person in the line is given a spoon and a boiled egg. Now place a marker or a finish line. When you yell “go”, the first person in the line of each group will start to run to the marker and back to the beginning of the line carrying the egg on the spoon. When he returns to the begging line, he will pass on the spoon and egg to the next person in his group. The race continues this way until each member has completed the process without dropping the egg. The first team to drop the egg loses the game.

Memory Games
Memory games are not only a great way to kill time, but are also very exciting and suitable for people of all ages. Take a tray assorted with different items. Make the combination as weird as possible. For example, keep a dish, a book, a ping-pong ball, a napkin, etc. Now ask the group to look at the items and remember them. Put all the items in a bag and ask the participants to write down the name of each item they remember seeing on the tray. The person who writes down the most number of items he/she saw correctly wins the game hands down!

These fun group games can be played both in the open-air and inside the house or in community centers. Try out any of these games in your next birthday party, office outing, or team building activity and have a good time!

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