Christmas party games increase the gaiety of the occasion even more. Read below to know more on Christmas party games.

Christmas Party Games For Groups

One of the most wonderful aspects during Christmas is that the celebration poses as the perfect time for the family and friends to gather together and rejoice the occasion. Christmas parties are the best way to spread the cheer and joviality around. While the atmosphere is already bubbling and sparkling, the festive spirit can be enlivened all the more by including a variety of games.Christmas party games can make the laughter louder and the environment charged. Games also help everyone loosen up and indulge in the festive spirit of Christmas. Also, games when played in a party evoke a sense of energy and revitalize the spirit of the party. As such, games are one thing that shouldn’t be given a miss. In case you are hosting a party for a large group and are wondering what games to include that would extract participation from all, worry not. Listed below are group games that can be included in a Christmas party.

Group Games For Christmas Party

Musical Chair
This classic party game is also an excellent game for a Christmas party. Place chairs, one less than the number of guests who are playing, in a circle. Play a snippet of music and make the guests go around the chairs. When the music stops, each of the players must take a seat. However, since one chair is less, one of them will remain standing. The player who does not bag a seat when the music stops leaves the game. Remove another chair and then continue the game. In this way the players and the chairs will continue to decrease. The winner is the last player who manages to seat himself/herself on the last chair. For a festive touch, you can include Christmas carols and hyms instead of the usual melody. 
Treasure Hunt
This game can be played both by kids and adults alike. It is also very simple and involves a lot of fun and excitement. Hide about 20 to 30 things in various places in the house. Make sure that the things that you hide should be Christmas related. You can also place the gifts inside and outside the house. Now make two lists of the things along with small clues on where to find them, and give them to two groups. The players then find the things and collect them in a central table. The team that finds the largest number of items is declared the winner. You can also give the gifts to the team members as their reward.
The Telephone
Make all the players sit in a straight line. Now, write a short funny Christmas quote in a card and show it to the person at one end. The person must memorize the quote and then give back the card to you. He/she should then whisper the quote to the person sitting right next to him/her. This person, in turn, must do the same to the next and so on. The last person must then say aloud what has been whispered to his/her ear. If there are a large number of people, then the exact quote won’t carry on to the last person. It becomes very hilarious if you compare the actual quote with what the last person said.
Christmas Tree
Give all the participants green construction paper. They must take the construction paper behind their back and rip it out to form a Christmas tree. Also, give them small stickers to decorate the paper tree. They should also do the decoration without looking. Once everyone is done with put down their version of the Christmas tree on a table, let everyone vote for the best Christmas tree. Give a separate Christmas present to the winner. 

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