Christmas party games are a good way to make the kids have fun and also keep them engaged. Read below to know the various Christmas party games for kids.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

The festive spirit of Christmas is not only celebrated by exchanging gifts and gorging upon delicacies, but also through fun party games. If you are throwing a party for kids during Christmas either at home, school or church, then you should include a set of games that would not only keep them engaged, but also help them get into the groove of the occasion. Make sure that the games that you select should be simple, exciting and interesting for the kids. You should also keep a variety of treats with which to reward the players. Delectable treats will entice the kids to give their best in the games. Competition is good but don’t forget that the ultimate aim is to make the kids have a great time which the festive occasion demands. Given below are games that would definitely put the physical or mental faculties of the kids to task. Take a look!

Kids Games For Christmas Party

Game One
  • Fill a medium-sized cardboard box with a variety of goodies and Christmas favors. You can put items like candies, notebook, balls, key rings and the like in the box. Make sure that all the items are of different sizes and shape.
  • Place the box outside the room. Now get hold of a stocking put a single item from the box into the stocking. Make sure that you are doing this without letting the kids know. Then tie the top of the stocking.
  • Give the stocking to the first kid. Let the kid hold the stocking and guess what object is inside the stocking by feeling the object or shaking the stocking. Set a time limit and if the guess is correct then reward the kid.
  • Next go out of the room and put a different object for a different kid. Another way to play this guessing game is to fill 25 to 30 small objects in the stocking and let the kids one by one touch or shake the stocking to guess what objects are inside. The kid who guesses the most number of objects is the winner.
Game Two
  • Draw a large Christmas tree on a chart paper and paste it on a wall. Get plenty of star stickers for the kids. If you can’t get star stickers, then simply make paper stars and fix double sided sticky tape on each.
  • Blindfold a kid and give him/her a star. Slowly turn the kid around three to four times and guide him/her near the tree. The kid must then stick the star on the tree. After the kid is done select the next one.
  • You can also ask the kid to stick the stars, blindfolded, at designated areas of the Christmas tree. This will, of course, make the game a lot harder for the kids, but at the same time more fun.
Game Three
  • Get small yarn balls for each kid but place the balls in a basket near the wall. Also, give each kid a plastic spoon. Line the kids against a wall and across the room, place another basket.
  • At the mention of the word 'start', the kids must scoop a yarn ball with the spoon and carry it to the basket at the other end of the room, without dropping the ball. If the ball is dropped mid way they must start from the beginning.

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