Getting to know your girl better is just a step away with these great conversation topics. This article gives you some good conversation topics to help you start talking with a girl!

Conversation Topics With A Girl

You have finally developed enough courage to approach a woman. And she has agreed to go on a date with you. It’s a date and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to show her how you feel. If this is what you are thinking, then you have dodged the internet maze and landed at the best place for you. This write-up gives you a list of conversation starters and topics that you could use as the main course of your date! For most people, the first date is a nerve wracking experience as it truly tests the ability of the man to be in the company of woman – what you say, what you wear, what your body language portrays, how you make the girl laugh, how you eat, etc are all important. Most essential is how good your subject for conversation is and how simply you can just strike up a dialogue with the girl you want to impress. For some great ways to begin a conversation and on the various topics, read the next section.
Good Conversation Topics With A Girl
This is an interesting topic to begin with as you get to know what the girl prefers to drink and then you can order accordingly (if dining out of course!) You can also share culinary interests in beverages and this will help you know the girl better. Also, her interest and drinking capacity will show if she’s an alcoholic or not (Please don’t get her drunk on the first date itself just to discover this!)
TV Shows
A girl loves her shows as much as you probably hate them! Ask her about all that she likes and be patient about it (because there may be a long list!). If you don’t follow any of the shows that she does, then ask her to explain what the show is about and she will gladly do so. But, if you have watched any one of the shows that she has, then get to discuss the characters and plot immediately!
Vacation Spots
Girls love holidays as much as guys! But ask for her preferences first. You will see her enthusiasm about the places she’s visited and the things she’s done there. You can also try to fit in some questions about the place (if you’ve never been there) or discuss some common things about the place that both of you have visited! Discussing romantic places such as Venice, Paris, Italy, Switzerland etc will only get the girl more inclined towards you and who knows, maybe she’s already thinking honeymoon!
Women love their friends and might even be mildly possessive of them. So before flirting with someone while waiting for your date to arrive, confirm that your date is not friends with them! To broaden your conversation, talk about who her friends are, where they hang out, how they know each other etc. You might end up having common friends (the world is too small!). You can discuss these friends through the course of the parlance.
She might be a sister to someone and honestly, this is a safe topic of discussion. It does not involve any hard feelings unless something very tragic has happened in the family (which hopefully hasn’t!). While talking, you will get a positive feedback on them and you can question her as to how close they are etc.
Though at this time, you should take your mind off work, but since girls (or anyone!) love to brag about their job, hence what they do is very important to them. You can ask her about the nature of work, her job profile, friends at work, and maybe even some people you know from there.

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