Just like happiness & glee, grief & loss are a part of our lives. However unlike the former, the latter puts us deep down in the pit. In order to conquer this, learn how to cope with grief & loss.

Coping With Grief And Loss

Loss and grief go hand in hand. The loss of a loved one or a prized object is bound to cause grief to a person. But we have to remember that the definitions and consequent reactions of loss and grief are not the same for all of us. While some people show strength at the face of loss and grief, others completely break down. Loss may come in various forms such as the death of a person close to you or a break up in a relationship. Similarly, loss of your job or a highly prized object can also lead to extreme grief. But at the end of the day all of us know that we will have to accept the loss that we have faced in life and therefore, should also know the ways to cope with the grief as a result of that loss. So forget the pain, anger or depression that you have felt over the loss and lead life without grief.
How To Cope With Grief & Loss
First we have to remember that grieving over a loss differs from one person to another. Though largely based on personality, a person’s surroundings and his social circle can also be a determinant factor in deciding how fast he overcomes his loss and stops grieving. Here is how you should deal with grief and loss in life:
Be Patient
Do not be impulsive at the face of loss. Give time for the sense of loss and grief to die. It is natural for everyone to grieve over a loss. Some take less time to come over it, while some take days at a stretch. You can belong to any of the category.
Do Not Disregard The Pain
There is no point ignoring the fact that you are in pain. Trying to keep the pain within yourself will do you more harm than good. Face your grief and also shed tears if that makes you feel good. Outburst of emotions generally relieves people and makes them feel lighter and better.
Be Close To Family & Friends
Grieving is the time when you should be close to your loved ones and also share your feelings with them. Doing this will help you and also them.
Do Not Be Dictated
Though it is natural that you share your thoughts with loved ones, do not allow them to tell you how to deal with grief and loss. The method of dealing with sadness is personal and should be decided by only you. Know that no two people feel the same way and so, someone’s method may not necessarily work for you.
Take Up A Hobby
When you experience grief or loss, you should give more time to your interests and hobbies. Doing something that you love will help bring about a change of mood. You can also dedicate time for religious activities and meditation. 
Pamper Yourself
Spend some time for yourself, especially looking after and pampering yourself. Loss of a loved one will cause you grief and nobody can stop that from happening, but always remember that you will have to go on living life. So, go out and treat yourself to something different. Stress and depression can be killed when you indulge yourself in different activities.
Take Medical Help
If all else fails and the grief refuses to subside, you can take the help of counselors and therapists. Medical practitioners are experienced in dealing with emotions such as yours.
In reality, there are no methods that can be highlighted to deal with loss and grief. Just like these feelings are normal in every man’s life, it is the man himself who will have to find out the best possible way to overcome the sense of loss and grief. So, stop worrying after sometime and just enjoy what life has to offer!

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