Looking to pull a fast one on your mate or sibling? If yes, try these pranks for sleepovers and have a great time guffawing over your brilliant antics.

Pranks For Sleepover

Think you are the real mischief-maker? Pull off these zany sleepover pranks and turn your sleepover party into a real laugh riot. Sure, there are other ways of having fun, but nothing really beats the excitement of pulling a fast one on an unsuspecting, sleepy victim, more so when the butt of your joke is your pesky friend or your snooty cousin. Sleepover parties don’t have to mean a long night of sopor and snore! You don’t really have to waste your night over boring board games or catching up with sci-fi flicks when you can have a lot more fun with some pretty harmless yet hilarious antics. The trick is to think of goofy, wacky tricks and execute your prank to perfection. If you are at a sleepover and wish to add some fun to your night and freak out your friends, cousins or siblings with some raucously fun tricks, then going through these pranks for sleepovers should leave you with exciting ideas on how to make your sleepover a memorable one.

Sleepover Pranks
  • Have a sleepover at your place and wish to pull a prank at one of your mates which they are going to remember for life? Try this trick and see your friend jump out of his/her pants in fright. Just squeeze out some toothpaste on the face and top it with some tomato ketchup. Your friend is likely to get the shock of his life once he wakes up and finds his gory makeover.
  • This one is absolutely hilarious! Just sneak out of the bed when everyone’s fast asleep and smear your face with some makeup. Take a white bedspread and wrap yourself with it. Apply some white and black face paint on your face. Now walk up to your sleeping victim, make eerie sounds, flash strobe lights, and wait and watch your friend flee in fear. You can also tear off your clothes, put on some war paint and scream and see your friends’ hearts leap out of their mouths.
  • Many people are in the habit of sleeping with their mouths open. If you have one such mate, then you could use this opportunity to pull off a quick one. Wait for him/her to fall asleep, then grab jars of hot sauce or chilled water and pour some into his/her mouth and wait and watch for the fun to begin.
  • If you believe that any prank is a good prank, then trying this quick trick should get you guys laughing like loonies the next day. Slip away from the bed when everyone is asleep and stealthily get hold of their toothbrushes. Dip the brushes in sugar syrup and replace shampoo with a tube of hair dye. Spray some face paint on their towels and see the fun unfold after a shower and a wash the following morning.
  • Wish to pep some fun into your boring holiday sleepovers? If yes, then get hold of your iPod or portable MP3 player, switch on to some heavy alternative music like Metallica or Mega Death. Plug in the headphones to your sleeping friend’s ears, turn up the volume to full, and play. This one is sure to freak him/her out to no limits.
Sleepover pranks are ultimate excuses to settle your scores with your haughty cousin or have some fun time with your friends. Try these pranks for sleepovers and reveal the real prankster in you.

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