Slumber parties are very popular amongst girls of all age groups. And so the games played must cater to all age groups. Read on for some interesting sleepover party games to liven up the night.

Girls Slumber Party Games

Girls just wanna have fun! And if you don’t agree, then you should just throw a bunch of girls together for a sleepover, or slumber party and watch them do their thing. Slumber parties or pyjama parties are about makeup, gossip and food. With not much sleeping, these parties are all about fun and laughter, giggles and pranks and if you throw in the games, the girls will be having a lot of fun. A break from the routine is always welcome. So, contrary to the healthy dinner at home, sleepover parties include junk, late night movies, pillow fights and no sleeping till after midnight. If you are arranging a slumber party for your girl friends then a little bit of preparation and planning will make your sleepover party a big success. This article talks about the games that could be played at a slumber party. Read on to know more about the fun games that you can play at a slumber party.

Sleepover Party Games

Pillow Fight
Starting the slumber party with a pillow fight is an instant ice breaker that makes everyone relaxed and comfortable. Just dig out all the pillows in the house and give everyone a pillow each and let them go wild. You might want to give them the old pillows since if the pillow fight goes out of hand you will see feathers everywhere. The energy level is set high when you begin with the pillow fight. Just make sure no one gets hurt in the process.
Play Dumb Charades
Dumb Charades is a very popular game amongst girls of any age group. Divide everyone into two groups. And one girl from a group gets a word or a movie name from the other group to enact for her own group members to guess. The catch here is that the girl is mute and she has to enact by hand movements alone. If the group guesses correctly then they are awarded points. And the group with the maximum point at the end is declared winner. Set a timer of 3 minutes for the group to guess correctly – it makes the game more interesting. 
Musical Chair
Another popular game is musical chair which includes arranging one chair less in a circle than the number of players. As soon as the music stops, everyone scrambles towards a chair and the player left standing is disqualified. After every round one chair is removed and the number of players gradually reduces too. The lone player left sitting on the last round is declared winner.
Ghost In The Graveyard
This game is very similar to another popular game ‘Hide and Seek’. In this game one player is selected as ‘ghost’. While the ghost waits outside the room, counting down from ten, the others inside the room are busy hiding. The ghost girl then comes inside the room and searches for the others. Since the light is turned off, it is not easy to find others. To make it more difficult for the ghost, she is expected to recognise the other members by their names. Once all members are found, the first member the ghost recognised becomes the ‘ghost’ for the next round.
Blind Makeover Game
One girl is blindfolded and asked to do makeup for the next girl in a limited time period. Then the next girl is blindfolded and has to do makeup for the third girl. And so it goes on until everyone has makeup done on them. The makeup looks funny and grotesque at times since the makeup artist was blindfolded. Take pictures to keep the memories alive long after the sleepover is over.

You will have unlimited and unadulterated fun with the games mentioned above. Other games you could play with your girls include truth and dare, treasure hunt, funny fashion show, word hunt etc. Happy sleepover!

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